Using Barlow lenses with your telescope (A buyer’s guide)

Using Barlow lenses with your telescope (A buyer’s guide)

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Presented by Robert J Dalby

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HawkDave says:

any recommendations for a guy with a 70mm refractor wich wants to see the cloud belts of Jupiter?

Sekkin says:

man is behind -telescope heaven” 🙂 

Geoff Taylor says:

My hasselblad is better

yomchi86 says:

Incredibly helpful – thanks very much!

RogerWilco says:

/Amateur/ astronomers. Many professional astronomers might not have used a telescope themselves in decades.

Juggernaut_Playz says:

When i bought my telescope it came with a barlow lense and a erector lense.
Can someone please tell me what is a erector lense.
Thank you

RomaticJR says:

I currently have the celestron 130 slt , what would be the best eyepeice/barlow lense combination? (the 130 slt is 2 inch compatible )

lusty laws says:

Thank you a great help 🙂

JonTron Plays Saxophone says:

ill make my telescope a “2100” Millimeter Telescope. Muahahahahahahah

Richard Darr says:

On barlow lens they are good on some objects,but they loss some light and decrease the F.O.V…sky conditions must be great for thier use..on photo you need them. I have 2x barlow I hardly use it. Try to use high grade barlow lens, for better color time their great with zoom eyepiece. Do your math and have fun!

Rick Cianflone says:

I have been watching the sky for a very long time (1974) usually naked eye, then with binoculars and now my first scope a Meade 2045. Thank you for explanation on Barlows. The 2045 is a 4″ SCT with a focal length of 1000 mm, did I waste my money ($50 USD)? Or should I saved my pennies and got an 8″? Will the Barlows help with the 4″ and planetary observation? Nebula? 

Skopelos says:

Hi there..great informative video…I had forgotten how to use my 2x barlow..! Do you have any videos on how to best achieve good pictures/videos with prime focus photography? I have a Canon just like yours and had my first go with prime focus tonight with the full moon..! I could not manage to get my camera setting off the Manual focus. I just used the focus knob on my telescope to clear the image before taking pics…thank you…!

Felix Canari says:

Where the heck is this place this place is my hevan Holly sh** dude ok i need to calm down

Cristian Franguloiu says:

Hello guys are new to the telescopes, my daughter received a 76 mm Firstscope and I would like to Barlow lens 3x or 5x buy using eye SR4mm and H20mm you think would be most appropriate?

Ofelia Olsen says:

Can i have your e-mail pls i am interested some of your item. thanks.

KleytenHD says:

i dont think i will get an answer here but ill try it.. i am thinking to buy a omegon Teleskop N 130/920 EQ-3.. what sohould i buy to be able to see the jupiter in a very great picture/sharpnes with the cloud layers and maybe some moons of the jupiter? the 2x barlow or a 5mm okular? or maybe both

Sotiris Krol says:

Spend a few extra bucks and get that Apochromatic Barlow lens,because if you use a Reflector/Apochromatic Telescope that will introduce Chromatic aberration,the very thing these things were made to avoid.

Joseph Shaff says:

I noticed the creaking when you were unscrewing some of the eyepieces could you recommend a most excellent thread grease those are probably M42 Threads easy to strip accidently.  Threads for thinwall tubing.  UNS

fayt atreides says:

Just got a celestron explorascope 114AZ telescope with a 3x barlow. I dont know if its a good telescope. Had nothing but cloud cover every night since i got it.

66stryker66 says:

nice video but isn’t that the F-Stop also multiplied…so it affects astrophotography and length of exposure…which now needs a good mount and autoguiding device.. 

alfayez a says:

I am planning to buy H-Alpha Filter what one should I buy and is 1.25″ better or 2″ with wide view eyepiece is better.

Ruanhead says:

where can I get that Web cam?

Caleb D. says:

What if I use a barlow lens on a barlow lens and then my actual eye piece? :3 Just wondering what would happen.

Abuuh Soo says:

does the barlow also increase the maximum possible magnification of my telescope?

James Watts says:

Great video. I’m dabbling with photography and telescopes and was confused where and how the Barlow lens fit in. It answered my question of how to get closer (i.e. increase magnification) when you connect the camera to the telescope — use a Barlow.

Your video was great and easy to understand. You took your time and carefully explained things. Great work!

rob b says:

yes indeed, it did help, cheers 🙂

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