Upgrading your eyepieces – The first step

Upgrading your eyepieces – The first step

Presented by Robert J Dalby

Produced by A.R.B Media Productions for The Astronomy and Nature Centre


assassain54 says:

for the eye pieces 1.25 inch, how do you find out if they are 2inch or a 1.25 inch?

Astronomy and Nature TV says:

Well the eyepieces shown are 1.25″ (or to say it another way one and a quarter inch) and that’s the same as 31.75mm. Hope this helps clarify the situation. Kind regards A&NCTV

kanopus06 says:

Are the Baader Orthoscopic eyepieces any good in your opinion?

clydeburkey says:

Is low the number more closer the object ?

Daria Morgendorffer says:

15 for me

Justin Davis says:

haha.. you show the exact two eye pieces that came stock with my scope 😀 Taking your advice and getting a plossl.  Great video, thnx

lionsdale1 says:

what eyepiece would you recommend to get for my skywatcher heritage 130p?

shane brady says:

Contacts for astigmatism mate, you should have great skies if your out of the cities:)

Jeremy Secora says:

Mmm… Melon Eyepieces… Yummy…

Steven Trotter says:

ouch! just looked on ebay for a 9mm possl. had no idea eyepieces where that much.

Joe shmoe says:

How can i tell im getting a good lense? I.e im looking at a celestron 9mm plossl for about £26 ….would that be the right price for a decent lense or is the avrage price somthing higher for a better quality?

moglijp says:

hahaha my SW 200p scope came with the same EP, super 25 and 10 mm, I got good views with the 25 mm (for what i think is good), and with the 10mm I have some issues with my glasses (for astigmatism) is really annoying have to push my glasses into my eyeball for getting a poor clear view, 10 mm is 100x on my scope so think is not due to the sky bc I live on a small town in the north of Chile. Any advice?

carl hourahine says:

hello I’ve just got a celestron astromaster 130 with standard eyepiece would like to see Jupiter better and thinking of getting the celestron xcel eyepiece but not sure what size any recommendations would be great thanks carl

stevie D says:

hi ,another great vid there, what barlow would you recommend for a skywatcher skyliner 150p dob for use with my zwo cam. im using a x2 delux skywatcher barlow at the mo and im thinking i could go to a x4. what would your thoughts be please for my scope?

Sotiris Krol says:

Would a Meade 6.4 mm 4000 series Super Plossl eyepiece be compatible with a Celestron 60LCM Computerized Telescope?the 60LCM is a refractor.

Larry W. says:

What about Kellner eyepieces that were made by Orion about twenty years ago? I have a couple of old Kellners that seem to be of decent quality even though they have the .965 barrels not often used with today’s telescopes. I use them with an adapter in a 1.25″ focuser, which is in my Orion 5″ reflector. They perform about as well the newer 1.25″ eyepieces that were supplied with my telescope.

Artjoms Pugacovs says:

I can do it.
Ask them to send me each of all type eyepieces and i will do the experiment.

toby baconator says:

good day, just a question. is there a chance to connect a dslr or med format kamera with a dobson teleskope like the one to your right? cheers and thanks for the helpfull video

Sean Orme says:

thanks good tutorial

James Dodge says:

Hello, I am brand new to all of this…just bought my first telescope…Thanks for the videos! I am slowly learning about all this!

Irk Hammock says:

These videos are great, they helped me a lot.

I consider myself kinda lucky because my first telescope was shipped 3 plossl eyepieces, 40mm, 17mm and 10mm.

Sadly I didn’t get a barlow with them, but I’ll be sure to buy a 2x barlow as soon as I can.

The telescope is 500mm in focal length, 114mm in aperture, so it should do well enough to see Jupiter, I believe.

Punch Drunk says:

Exactly the education I have been needing, thank you

cosmictywlite says:

did you go to school mate,it don`t sound like it! ,ie learn you`r maths before you ask embracing questions..Take it easy mate

ruuub j says:

I have a celestron nexstr 130slt but im not sure if i should either get a 4mm eyepiece or a barlow or both. Right now i have a 9mm and 25mm eyepiece. What would be the best for objects further in space such as jupiter.

choochoochooseyou says:

Thanks. Really helpful vid.

Husain Barafwala says:

Very educational video. I just received my first telescope today. It’s a Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ. Saw the moon. Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing ur knowledge.

MrAntares2063 says:

nice video, my eyes keep getting drawn to that gold Questar though..:)

J CT says:

I have a new skywatcher telescope eq2 : D 300mm : F 900 I am very happy with it just upgraded the eyepices to plussol very happy with them too. Could any one tell me is this a good telescope to start with as a newbe?

Mark Mathosian says:

Good review, thanks.

Ruzzy F says:

So is the size of the eye lense a bit of a red herring? Logic would say a 20mm is better than a 10mm, but then is a 10mm more powerful than a 20mm? Let’s use the Moon. Would I get a closer shot of the moon with my 4 or 10mm that came with my scope rather than my 20mm? Thanks!

Astronomy guy says:

Hey i have a telescope and i was wondering if i could get a good pic of jupiter with a good enough eye piece. Right now i have the 20mm and the super 25, it says on my scope, D70mm, F=500mm coated optics, what eye piece should i get to get some good shots of jupiter and saturn Venus and more.

TheeAldeen says:

Dear Astronomy/Nature, what would you recommend for view et’s in the day and night, I am thinking binoculars, even though i would love a high power telescope, money is a huge issue, however so is quality, since I want to be sure I am looking at a u-fo and not an i-fo. Great video, great knowledge — Thank you.

tillsy23 says:

Hi Ive just purchased a skywatcher 254mm newtonian with a 1200mm focal length f4.72 ratio. It came with a 28mm 2 inch eyepiece with adjustable rubber eye cup. Ive been advised to upgrade to a baader hyperion 10mm and a pentax xf 8.5mm.
What are your thoughts on those choices? Im trying to get the most out of my telescope and would appreciate your oppinion thanks

Emetris says:

ive got an omegon 900mm, 10mm eye piece and barlow lens X2
when i look at jupiter i can’t seem to focus on it. feels like “eye piece tuner” skips the level at which it would be 100% focused.

any thoughts?

Thommy öhlund says:

Good Learning! Thanks!

mynameis Luke says:

Hello, i am new to astronomy, i have a 8” skywatcher dob and here is my question: will the following set up work properly? or should i get a 2” Barlow….i would put in a 2” to 1.25” adapter, put in my 3x Meade Barlow in, follow it with a 1.25” to 2” and put in my 28mm 2” eyepiece..would that give good results? or are 2” barlows required with 2” eyepieces? thanks and keep up the good work you are my source for info on this great science that is astronomy..cheers!

shane brady says:

Great vid man, you do it very well:)

John Williams says:

We have an Astromaster 70 EQ Refractor & 130 EQ Reflector Telescopes what are the best size eyepieces to get the Maximum out of these Telescopes?

tim harding says:

You are such a good presenter, you should have a TV job. Great videos and information!

91lifetime23 says:

Hello, i have the Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ and bought it with the eyepiece bundle kit, two eyepieces came with the telescopes that are: the Celestron 10mm and the Celestron 20mm Erecting Eyepiece, and the bundle kit eyepiece is a zhumell brand and the best and only worthy eyepice is a zhumell PLOSSL 32mm FULLY COATED, I really liked the 20mm and the 32mm, with the telescope i have which eyepiece would you think that can get the best out of the scope. this is my first telescope, thanks!

Astronomy and Nature TV says:

Hi – The (thinly!) gold plated scope is a rare Meade 2045 SCT and is a marketing prototype produced at Meade’s Irvine factory in the late 1980s to early 1990s to ‘test the water’ for exotic finishes. They made a handful of silver ones too. They never went into production – probably a good thing on the whole. KR A&NTV

shane brady says:

Depends on what you consider “good” mate:/ From 50$ to a thousand for some:/ For the first year or so, spending 50 to a 100$ an eyepiece is plenty good enough. Two inch ones cost somewhat more, but an easy view makes them great if you can afford, say a variable BAADER 2 inch, 8 to 24 mil would be great, you wont notice small optical problems until you gain experience. 270 to 300 odd$ for one, which gives you HEAPS of different magnifications. Especially with a 2 times mag barlow:)

Peter Thompson says:

Is that a gold plated Quester ??? Wow, nice looking scope whatever it is.

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