Upgrading your eyepieces – Extending the range

Upgrading your eyepieces – Extending the range

Presented by Robert J Dalby

for The Astronomy and Nature Centre

Produced by DB Video Services for Astronomy and Nature TV


Baz K says:

Hi, great video as I’d been considering a zoom lens. I just purchased a Celestron CN-6 and it came with a 20mm plossl, last night I viewed Jupiter for the first time which appeared around 2mm in size, and was bright white. In order to see some detail such as cloud belts what eye piece would you recommend?

Graeme Murray says:

Great videos’s , keep them coming 🙂

Neueregel says:

very concise tips.

Lip stick says:

What is the differences between a 2X and 3X Barlow…
Do I use is with a 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, or 8 mm eye piece???

Why would I buy a 9 mm or 10 mm eye piece??? I actually, want to see Jupiter, Saturn, and other stuff…

cosmictywlite says:

Just wondering ,are 2″ 90 degree Diagonal eyepieces all universal, or do you need one for each Different Telescopes Reflector Refractors Makzutov -Cassegrains ?

KingofUSA85 says:

Can zoom eypieces be used with a barlow?

Jeremy Secora says:

I’m Fearful of the cost of the telescope on the table.

Threedog1963 says:

After watching a few videos on eyepieces, I figured the prices would be really high. Doesn’t seem like they cost much relative to other telescope accessories. I thought it would be like a camera; the lenses can cost as much or more than the camera itself

chrismbrook says:

Very good videos! The ‘outakes’ one certainly made my Friday at work go quicker.

Lewis Vallier Jr says:

I just bought a telescope it’s used it’s the first one I’ve ever owned I got it home I took the dust cover off and it’s full of cobwebs how do I clean this out I don’t know thank you

choochoochooseyou says:

So helpful, thanks.

spitcross says:

thx for al the info. It really helpt me out!

Leonardo Solera says:

Great videos THANK YOU

Nibsorion2012 says:

hey guys yesterday i purchased a skywatcher 127 maksutov,its my 1st ever scope. Im happy with it but im not sure on the eye pieces particularly the Barlow. I was viewing Jupiter and her moons but wanted increased magnification but couldnt focus using the barlow, do i need to upgrade? Or im i doing something wrong? as i have never looked through a scope before in my life.

breakspirit says:

I freaking love these videos.

Sotiris Krol says:

I am fearful of the debt this man could accumulate with all those scopes and equipment

Sotiris Krol says:

Sexy rubber eye cup LOL

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