Skywatcher Skymax 150 Review

A review of the Skymax 150 Pro Maksutov scope, purchased as a package of optical tube, finder, diagonal and eyepiece.


Andromeda M31 says:

Great review! I am waiting delivery of my 150 this week, what are some of your favorite objects to look at with the 150 of you care sharing?!

Video Master says:

Nice review, and a nice scope. I am fairly new to astronomy, but I understand what Focal Ratio is. You mentioned this in relation to dim images. Im sure this topic can get quite complicated, but can you explain why a slow focal ration would produce dimmer images. Many thanks!


Hello Jenham’s.Sorry for possible stupid questions. I am new to astronomy and bad know English, and the youtube subtitles are not correct.Translate google.I want to buy a Skywatcher 150 , but may look into the Skywatcher 127?Skywatcher 150 I like its size and weight,that you need to pay attention to ? I understand it is only for bright objects(planets) or something else?Thank you .

TheVeganSkeptic says:

Interesting review, I want to buy a telescope for my father who is only interested in seeing moon’s craters and I asked about this on two different forums:

My father right now is using the *”Gskyer AZ70700 Refractor Telescope”* and this will be an upgrade for him. He just wants to zoom to moon’s craters as much as he can and see it in good quality but the telescope he has now can only handle 137x power.

People in the forums suggested me to buy the Skymax Mak telescope but I am conflicted as to which one to buy, 127 or 150 and I’d love to hear your input on this. My father has a balcony where he uses his current telescope and I wonder if he just kept the Mak in the balcony, would he still face cooldown issues on it. Also, I was wondering if the 127 would never have any cooldown issues and dew issues. I’d really appreciate any input on this and if you’d suggest 127 or 150 for my father’s spesific needs?

Btw, I am thinking of buying this Alt-az mount&tripod for him:,53025

Dedskin Prodcer/DJ says:

no images

L.T. Telescope says:

Hi. Does the dewshield some improve on the contrast on daytime image?

shlibber says:

So 1 year on, has it grown on you?

david brennan says:

I have just been gifted the very 150 mak-cass. as in your video with HEQ5 mount. I KNOW NOTHING OF ASTRONOMY. I have the 28mm x 2″ EP. I have just bought an 2x Barlow and an 9mm EP is on order, please tell me whats the best EP for deep space ? 58mm ?

M. F. says:

I bought a c90 and the 127mm skywatcher mak. After someone testing i kept the skywatcher. Do you know if i could use the Crayford focuser on the 127mm skywatcher? Does this fit without an adapter. The mak have a different thead or not?

alexius984 says:

With wich mount you use it?

Robert Garton says:

If i were you David i would start with a good set of Binoculars to learn the sky first. As jenhams says a MAK is for planets and brighter objects only. if you want to see DSO then a 8 inch newt will be a good starter scope. but you will need to upgrade eyepieces such as celestron xcell. The supplied eyepieces need to go in the bin. thanks Rob

Robert Garton says:

thanks mate. i think i will go with the 127 and change the focuser and star diagonal for grab and go. i love my 8inch newt really good as a good all round just heavy and not very grab and go. i will do some research on what eyepieces to use to get the most out the 127. i was looking at the c90 mak but i think the 127 will have the edge over. keep going with the 150 i think you will get some impressive views when jupiter is higher. all the best☺

Martin Higgins says:

Hi Graham,
Addressing your concern about the lack of a handle on the scope: I bought from a yacht chandlers adhesive grip tape about 4″ wide that would be commonly stuck to walkways on boats. Wrapped around my C90, which has a diameter which stretches my hand width, it provides a secure grip just with fingers.

Don Eightiesplaylistsound says:

the 127 does not have any 2 inch opening at tubus? has reasonable won 2 “eyepieces to use it?
the 150er has standard 2” on tubus….

Roger Santucci says:

Hi, I have a Skywatcher MAK150 and would like to switch the visual back to an adapter for SCT. I could not unscrew because it’s too hard to take the visual back. Can you guide me? Is there a clip or pin that holds the visual back? Best regards. Roger

shlibber says:

I’ve got the 90mm skymax, not a bad scope, but I’d like this one

michael carquez says:

awesome review! wonderful telescope, I am thinking of getting this scope as a Christmas present to myself. it’s main use will be visual use of the planets. thanks again

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