Overview of the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer for Telescopes

Revolutionary new stereo binocular viewer design has big advantages over traditional binoviewers.

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Unlike other binocular viewers on the market, our innovative Premium Linear Binoviewer boasts a sliding “linear” housing for adjusting the interpupillary distance (IPD) instead of the traditional “folding” body. That matters because the folding types are more prone to collimation problems, whereby the two barrels of the binoviewer become misaligned, causing “double images” and eye strain. With the Premium Linear BinoViewer you just slide the two halves of the housing inward or outward to set the IPD – from 58mm to 74mm _ and there’s a handy IPD scale laser engraved on the housing so you’ll know exactly where to set it the next time for your (or anyone’s) eyes.

The eyepiece holders of the Premium Linear Binoviewer accept any two identical 1.25″ telescope eyepieces (sold separately), and have convenient twist-tight holding collars that are self-centering. No little thumbscrews to mess with and no chance of miscollimation due to eyepiece offset in the barrels. The right eye side is equipped with a helical diopter adjustment. The Binoviewer’s tapered 1.25″ barrel minimizes the possibility of accidental fall-out, which is good because at 1 lb. 8 oz., this viewer adds a hefty load onto the diagonal or instrument itself. The barrel is threaded for use of Orion 1.25″ filters. Another big advantage of the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer is that it does not utilize prisms in its optical design – just mirrors and lenses – thereby eliminating optical aberrations associated with prisms, while improving contrast. A knife-edge mirror is employed for light path splitting, rather than a prism used in traditional binoviewers. The dielectric-coated mirror, which boasts 99 percent reflectivity, minimizes differences in brightness, contrast, and color tone between the left and right images compared to prism-containing binoviewers. And four of the internal lenses are made from lanthanum glass, which effectively suppresses chromatic aberration.

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