Overview of the Orion LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide 1.25″/2″ Eyepieces – Orion Telescopes

Orion LHD eyepieces feature high-index, low-dispersion lanthanum glass for exceptional control of chromatic aberrations to provide true-color views with exceptional clarity.

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Each Orion LHD telescope eyepiece features an element of lanthanum glass which eliminates color-fringing and chromatic aberrations for true-color, high-contrast views of the cosmos with exceptional clarity. The luxuriously wide 80-degree apparent field-of-view provides an almost panoramic viewing experience you must experience first-hand to fully appreciate. Views of everything from the Moon and planets to elusive deep-sky objects are delightfully clean and impressively immersive in fully multi-coated LHD Ultra-Wide Eyepieces.

Higher-power 4mm, 6mm and 9mm LHD eyepieces feature a tapered 1.25″ barrel, while the 14mm and 20mm LHD oculars feature a larger 2″ tapered barrel for secure installation in appropriately sized telescope focusers. All LHD telescope eyepiece barrels are threaded for use with like-sized Orion filters.

Each LHD eyepiece boasts a very long 20mm eye relief and a larger, 30mm-diameter eye lens so you can comfortably see the entire 80-degree field while wearing eyeglasses.

This video provides an overview of our LHD 80-Degree Lanthanum Ultra-Wide 1.25″/2″ Eyepieces. We offer many other eyepieces, several of which are featured in these videos:

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iBilisonGod - IBG says:

So will these eye peices work in the 130st or 70mm goscope

Ted Williams says:

Very Nice! Maybe in the future I can pick one up and do a review for it. They look interesting.

Polstar says:

We can’t post reviews on the UK version of Orion’s website so I thought I’d post my views here.

I own the 10″ Sky Quest XT10G telescope (1200mm FL) and had been using Orion’s Q70’s (70 deg) and Status (68 deg) / Expanse (66 deg) ranges of eye pieces prior to buying the the 20mm LHD-80.

The difference between them is stunning, I did a direct comparison with my 20mm Expanse and there is an obvious improvement in image quality. Looking at the moon both eye pieces (60x) showed the whole body in the FOV, with the LHD-80 you could see more of the black of space around it (66 vs 80 degrees) as well as clearer and sharper viewing of the crater walls and mountain ranges. Also gave good clear views of the double Mizar. 

The eye relief if great, I wear glasses and could easily use the eye piece with them on.

These are big eye pieces and do weight quite a bit  the LHD-80 20mm is 545g, when paired with the 2″ 2x 4 Element Barlow at 663g the combined weight was 1.2kg!

The £250 price is quite high compared to the others that I own around £80 for the Q70’s, £45 for Expanse’s & £120 for the Status’s but compared to the £450 for a 20mm Nagler it works out quite reasonable.

I was so impressed with the quality that I’ve bought the 14mm version but as yet due to the weather and shift work I’ve not had chance to use it, I am thinking of also going for the 9mm and retiring the Stratus / Expanses to my smaller scope. The LHD-80 20mm is currently my favourite and default eye piece.

iBilisonGod - IBG says:

Do these eye peices work in any telescope from orion?

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