Meade Series 5000 Super Wide Angle 40mm Eyepiece

The 40mm version of the Meade Series 5000 Super Wide Angle (SWA) telescope eyepiece compared to the 20mm version. The difference in size is huge! The 40mm eyepiece has a 2″ barrel size, while the 20mm eyepiece has a 1.25″ barrel size.


HeavyMetalEvilien says:

Nice! The 30mm UWA from meade is even bigger than this! Just look at it this way, if you ever get mugged while star gazing, you could defend yourself with those eyepieces!

MrBluvenom says:

I have the 34… would love to have that 40, though!

Chrome says:

holy shit 😀

ScoutCrafter says:


Fran Jau says:

thanks alot, can you recommend me a premium eyepiece for planetary viewing,? I have a meade ls 6 ” thanks!

Mark Mathosian says:

Good video, thanks for posting it.

stealthinator00 says:

wow that’s one huge eyepiece with clear optics

Maciek Adwent says:

In my opinion, super/ultra wide angle eyepieces are not that useful for planet viewing, especially if you’re looking to find specific features/landmarks on your checklist. For planets, you should consider a very high quality Plössl or similar. Having said that, I have the Explore Scientific 2″ 9mm 100° eyepiece and just about any view of anything is absolutely fabulous. If you don’t yet have a 100° ep, you should have one in your collection.

Fran Jau says:

do you recommend the Meade 500 Series XWA 9mm (2″) 100° eyepiece??? you think I can get a good look at planets with that set on a Meade LS 6 ” Telescope? thanks!

bay193unbox says:

Yummy eyepieces! Amazing comparison!

MacroCreative says:

What you can see with this 40 mm? I’m thinking should i buy or not

mar504 says:

Why do they slide in and out like that?

Lee Wolfson says:

I chose the 40 mm eyepiece because the sun, and obviously, the moon, fit completely in view with my telescope. I have a Celestron C-11, and with the eclipse coming up in a month, I figured It would be the perfect eyepiece for viewing this event. I have now had it for a few months and it has proven to be the most versatile eyepiece I have ever owned. It is big and heavy, but it generally gets left in the scope, which is balanced out for it and a number of other accessories. Providing 70x is only a setback for seeing planetary and lunar details, but the crispness of the image and big wide view make it outstanding for deep sky viewing. It also works great for polar alignment. I have other eyepieces for higher magnification, but this one is my “go-to” guy.

BlindManMark says:

Just bought the 40mm one yesterday(used,150 USD),and it is massive

isshinryu11 says:

GOLD in your hand:)

LiveSteamMad says:

That was a useful video. I didn’t realise that the eyecup screws up and down leaving the eye lens almost flush, or recessed as much as you like, to your taste. Interesting for us spectacles wearers (severe Astigmatism in my case).

Freddy Acosta says:


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