High FOV Eye Pieces Make the Telescope!

I compare lower and higher FOV eye pieces to show you why they are worth it and why they make your astronomy much more fun!

Note: The Celestron First Scope telescope you see in the video was a prize I won from Celestron. I’m not really showing it off, but I want to be sure and say that for FTC rules… I bought the lenses myself. Ouch!

[82mm FOV]
Meade 5000 series 82 degree FOV

Celestron Luminos

[100mm FOV]
Explore Sci.

[120mm FOV!!!]
Explore Scientific… The Eye of God!


antiprotons says:

I can never go back to using low field of view eye pieces again… so forever I will have to blow money lol

TexasTimelapse says:

Tele-View and Pentax make awesome high end eyepieces too. I had a chance to look through a 48″ dobsonian telescope with a Pentax eyepiece. I almost fell off the ladder! M57 looked absolutely amazing! I personally like the higher fov eyepieces from Celestron. Great views without killing your bank account.

BrandonFleming says:

i have a meade 50AZ-P with a 9mm 1.25 eyepiece it has a good fov

weirdmeister inc. says:

does it blend?

PiezPiedPy says:


barlad podeni says:


EJL2004 says:

That was rather enlightening! Thanks for posting this vid 🙂

Christopher Szczotka says:

I have a meade 114 az and was thinking about getting the meade 5000 hd 60 degree eyepieces what’s your suggestion?

Kevin Villalobos says:


Steven Parris Ward says:

Once you try Tele Vue you are a doomed man. They are irresistible!

kanopus06 says:

Is there a way to calculet the FOV if the ocular doesn’t say anything else other than the focal lenght? Does it have something to do if the ocular is 1.25 or 2 inches?

RalphMalf says:

I’m a newbie to astronomy and this video explains soooooo much! Thanks!

Boot says:

Thanks, great comparison. I recently started using the free program Stellarium. it has a great simulator for scopes and eyepieces and will show you the FOV (field of view) of parts of the sky (stars, clusters, etc) when using different eyepieces.

Cassi O says:

At 3:30, the eye guard adjust to set your eye-relief. As I understand it, the larger field of view has something to do with being able to hold your eye further away from the eye piece, so it helps having a guide, particularly with public star parties where lots of people are taking turns looking through the scope.

Tiago de Pádua says:

Great, now I want to buy a telescope lol
But really, this is very informative for someone like me that never used a real telescope. You’re making me want to look up! Thanks for sharing

Doug Elick says:

Nice explanation. This will really help budding astronomers. It was a revelation when i stepped up from decent Plossls to Explore Scientific ES82 eyepieces.

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