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Huge 100mm objective lenses provide incredibly bright and immersive views of starry skies and daytime scenes

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Stargazing with both eyes brings an amazing amount of depth to each view while also making observations more relaxing and comfortable. Views of everything from lunar craters to wispy nebulae will take on an almost 3-dimensional feel in the GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope. This impressive instrument’s 100mm (3.9″) aperture objective lenses gather over 56% more light than large 80mm astronomy binoculars, so you’ll be able to see more objects in the sky with greater clarity. But the fun doesn’t stop at sunrise! During the day, this big binocular telescope becomes the ultimate “spotting scope” for terrestrial exploration. Set the BT-100 up on your deck or at your favorite scenic overlook to enjoy awesome long-distance views. The 45° angle eyepiece holders make both daytime and nighttime observations comfortable.

The GiantView BT-100 Binocular Telescope includes a pair of 18mm 65° flat-field 1.25″ eyepieces which provide 31x magnification and a 2.13° field-of-view right out of the box. The included eyepieces are threaded for use with like-sized filters which can be used to enhance observations (eyepiece filters sold separately). Individual eyepiece focusers provide precise focus control, while compression rings hold inserted eyepieces securely in-place.

One of our favorite features of the BT-100 is its ability to accept pairs of interchangeable 1.25″ eyepieces so you can control magnification depending on your observing goals (requires two 1.25″ eyepieces of the same focal length and optical design, sold separately). For example, a pair of 10mm eyepieces will deliver a 55-power view through the 550mm focal length BT-100 (550/10 = 55). For the best results, we recommend using pairs of 6mm or longer focal length 1.25″ eyepieces with the GiantView BT-100.

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francois05 says:

I had a Monster Parallelogram mount which was recalled and I ended up buying it again with Orion’s modifications (I’m not sure what was changed actually). In any case, the BT100s are 15 lbs. Though the Monster mount is rated to 15lbs capacity, is it wise to tax the mount at the very limit of its capacity? It looks steady but some parts are plastic and can crack eventually.

VITA kyo says:

Can you take photos with it ?

Jeff Prideaux says:

The stock 18 mm eyepieces give around 31x power and you mentioned going higher power with different eyepieces. Is going lower power also possible? And are there effective limits for lower power before the geometry of the light path gets in the way?

francois05 says:

Matching my existing Monster mount to something like this is getting more attractive by the day vs. buying an APO of similar price and aperture. Nothing beats my binos on a zero gravity chair on a summer evening. I also just purchased the VersaGo II. So, the BT-100 looks like a natural fit. Is there a way to mount a deluxe red dot finder on the center of the binos? I saw some holes near the handle. Thanks

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