Eyepiece recommendations

Recommendations for specific eyepiece brands/models for specific price points. I cover eyepieces from the $20 ones that are included with most telescopes all the way to eyepieces that cost $350 each.

If you have not watched my video on the basics of telescope eyepieces, you should watch it first so you understand the terminology I use in this video. You can find it at https://youtu.be/KTB_C6v0rQw

Eyepieces I discuss in this video include:

Orion Sirius Plossls https://amzn.to/2LgZzhM
Celestron XCEL LX https://amzn.to/2L9tYOZ
Orion Stratus https://amzn.to/2rZTNZZ
Badder Hyperion https://amzn.to/2Lc3CvA
Televue Naglers https://amzn.to/2GxZhPO

Get more information on my website at https://www.allans-stuff.com

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Jon says:

You spoke a bit about which ones could work with eyeglasses. Thanks for that. But which ones would be best for eyeglass wearers, of the ones available on the market? And how do I know which EPs will work with my telescope, aside from barrel size?

Wesley Mooney says:

My most used lens is a 82d 18mm and when I want to zoom in I use a 2″ televue barlow. For the price of around 200.00 usd for the explore scientific 18mm 2in is a great deal

Richard Tyll says:

Hello Allan, thanks for the great videos. While I have learned a bit, being a newbie I am still a bit confused on what to buy to simply start out. I have never used or owned a telescope but, I recently bought a CELESTRON C90 (orange) 1000mm 1/11 Astro Maksutov Telescope at auction for $50. It came with a very sturdy tripod but, no eyepieces. Since I bought it, I bought one eyepiece and a hybrid 0.965 to 1.25 inch. diagonal adaptor. The eyepiece is a 1.25″ 25mm Wide-angle Kellner from Celestron with a Focal Length: 20-29 mm for $15. I suppose I can practice using this one eyepiece but, I haven’t a clue about filters, etc.
I have come to understand this particular telescope was built with many uses in mind, spotting scope, photography & as a telescope. It may not be the best but, not having a lot of money & having an interest in astronomy I bought it to get my feet wet, so to speak. If you would, can you give me your opinion & what I might buy to improve my ability to use it properly?
I live up in the mountains, 30 miles north of Yellowstone National Park in Montana so, the only interference light source comes from my house. Living out here, I stare at the night sky in amazement. That is the reason I bought this telescope, so I can get a clearer, closer view of the night sky. I’m 60, been permenently disabled since 1996 and keep trying to find activities I can enjoy given my limitations. Any help you might provide would be greatly appreciated. If it turns out this model is only useful as a spotting scope, that is OK too since I can use it to watch Elk Herds, Big Horn Rams & Mountain Goats from my porch.

Tim Allen says:

Nice video, I’ve used the Orion eyepieces (Expanse and Stratus) for years and had some spectacular views from them including all the outer planets. I recently slowly upgraded the Stratus (17, 13, 8 & 5mm) to the new Orion Lanthium-80 range (20, 14, 9 & 6mm) they give good eye relief and cost £230 GBP each which is around half price of a similar Nagler.

Warren McMurry says:

Very accurate information enjoyed the video. Do have the Nagler 4.8, great but really need excellent condition because of its power limit for my XT8. Baader 10mm gives a rich view on average sky conditions. Smidgen more with a rare 8mm Clave, delightful views. Excellent, actually called a true plossel glass is upper grade. Recently ordered a Pentax 7mm yet to arrive, Nagler price tag, can’t Wait! Watch for the rare steady sky, happened in a group viewing, awesome, blew Nagler with a Barlow 500X on elusive Mars, Wow!

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