Celestron Telescope Eyepiece test through a Nikon DSLR

Testing different eyepieces on a Celestron 130SLT Telescope
Nikon D600 was used


Michael Rogers says:

thats awesome stuff mate ,thankyou for sharing . God bless you

Pasi Seppänen says:

Hi. Thanks for the very interesting video! I’m interested in the Celestron 130 SLT scope and already have Nikon D3300 camera. My question is about focusing. With your set up is it so that the eyepieces & scope itself does the focusing (still images)? Probably the same thing as your Nikon D5100 (as the camera itself doesn’t have focus capabilities).

Patrick Star says:

Does anyone know if you can go live on Instagram with these telescopes?

Joey Atilano says:

Well done. That is so cool.

bazz hems says:

hi , im new to all this and i am using the celestron 130 slt ,nikon d3200 but my views are no where near the quality your getting , i have lenses that came with telescope celestron 25 and 9 , and to me they seem a little blurry and totally disappointing and was gutted with outcome , i have recently bought a celestron x-cel lx with looking at what people are saying and can only use to view with eye as does not fit the adapter for camera 🙁 , what eyepieces are you using and also what software to use the digital zoom or you just using camera to zoom ? any help in steering me into enjoying this hobby more greatly appreciated as seeing videos from yours and others is what got me hooked to see planets and the moon so close 🙂 .

TheHunterGT says:

Alien ships at 1:50 on the left side lol. Great video man…awesome footage.

Jess Rose says:

Thats unreal, great video

Michael Rogers says:

not to being rude but how much was your whole setup aprox please i love it 🙂 .If no reply i understand.

Pirate Grau says:


Steve Young says:

Hi Scannerguy – what did this setup cost you – approx? It is sweet!!!!

Astrodiver 1 says:

Nice footage. Thanks!

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