Celestron eyepiece and filter kit review

A review on the celestron eyepiece and filter kit. feel free to ask questions!
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skdin says:

A very helpful review. Thank you.

yolanda jones says:

i did order celestron not clear vision my sky watcher 8 inch for nothing waste my money

LSP99 says:

Thank you! happy it helped. Hope you enjoy your new telescope too. Thanks for watching and commenting 🙂

Geoff Taylor says:

Thanks for the review most helpful as I’m just starting.

dakzer five says:

I appreciate your point of view. But are you rating this kit as a stargazer. Or as a general photographer. I am considering these eyepieces over the celestron luminos eyepieces

Gabriel Oliveira says:

Very good review, quite useful! Thank you for taking your time and recording/posting it.

ChosenNebula says:

Why doesn’t Nikon hire you to make cameras. I would pay TOP DOLLA.

LSP99 says:

Hi, the kit doesn’t come with a zoom eyepiece it’s self where you twist to zoom but it does give you a good set of strong eyepieces. It clearly showed the andromeda galaxy when I was out observing the other night. Sorry for the late reply, not been on YouTube much. But thanks for watching and commenting! 🙂

Canoon Canoon II says:

@ lordsugarpuff99

What is the best view Mars’ polar with color filter what?  Thank you.

LSP99 says:

Well, im not a proper astronomer (as you can probably tell) however these are my first eyepieces, and i have since brought a few more, howevr for the price, and if you are on a low budget, this is a good kit. I am aware you can buy £60+ eyepieces, however i dont see what difference they can make other than being a top brand or a zoom eyepiece. My opinion anyway, and you are intitled to yours. Thanks for watching and commenting 🙂

Elon Musk says:

I there a point to the colored filters?

Donald J. Trump says:

Good review, well done

LSP99 says:

Really sorry for the late reply. Been away for a while. The dimensions of the actual case is 12″ lengthways, 10″ in depth and 5″ in width. Again sorry for the late reply. But thanks again for watching and commenting 🙂

Peter Zafirides says:

Well done, young man! I recently purchased a Celestron 8se and it was very helpful to watch your video to understand what I purchased with this kid. Cheers and clear skies!!

Shane Martin says:

Hi what are the dimensions of the box itself?

Mike Orr says:

This was a fantastic help. Thank you. It’s great to see such a young guy interested in this stuff. I wish I had your scientific interest when I was your age.

BiodiversityIsUs says:

Probably a stupid question, but what do you need to attach a DSRL to any of these eyepieces? I’m thinking of getting the Celestron Astromaster 114EQ with this kit, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attach my Canon 700D… do you happen to know how to do this? Oh, and, will the images come out up-side-down or is there a way to avoid this? Btw, thanks for a great review. As I’m totally new to telescope I wasn’t sure whether I should buy this kit or not, but I probably will now. 

LSP99 says:

Nice idea and i wouldn’t mind it but i’m a little under age 😉

Ede Szabo says:

well done mate…very informative, thanks very much.
enjoyed your video.

Goalatio says:

Good video, and I’m sure you know this by now (4 years later!) but a barlow affects the telescope, not the eyepiece. A x2 barlow effectively turns a 2000mm telescope into a 4000mm for example .. so if you had a 20mm lens you’d basically get x200 instead of x100. Using a barlow will keep the exit pupil the same whereas if you used a smaller EP you’d have a smaller exit and worse eye relief.

EinMM says:

hi, I planning to buy Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope with DSLR attachment tools and with this case, actually I’m planing to do some photography projects, but my question is about the color filters that come with this case, what the job for each filter? and can I attached them with my DSLR?

I saw a documentary video where the astronomers shots the space with some filters to create photograph with amazing color, u can see it at 6:00 in this video

Nebulas HD 1080p

and I liked do something similar as one of my projects.

LSP99 says:

I have done the measurements and length ways it would fit, but in depth i dont think it would fit. If it is quite a thin filter then you may be able to just lay it on top of the eyepieces. since it wouldnt fit in the length way compartment, I would lay some tissue or sponge on top of the eyepieces ad lay it down that way so the actual filter does not get scratched. Thanks for watching and commenting! 🙂

LSP99 says:

No problem, glad it helped 🙂

Moivan Dean says:

Great review, im buying this!

Marcus House says:

I started watching this view and made the mistake of assuming this kid wouldn’t know what he was talking about simply because of his young voice. An assumption I should stop making. Nice review. Thank you.

Destiny Price says:

tell you what it is better to start as a child and get more into Astronomy while you are young. nice job on the review. like i said it better to start young i did started with grinding my first scope a 6″ newtonian. good job keep you eyes to the skys clear viewing.

Narran Alfaro says:

Haha this is awesome! Listen to your voice!!  Another awesome review mate!!

محمد العذيقي says:

does this eyepiece fits to any celestron telescope?
i have a power seeker 50AZ

waiting for your reply .

Sergio gutierrez says:

Do you think a 5 inch solar filter would fit in that long slot on the left there?

kyle pieri says:

what are you 7?

LSP99 says:

Yes, I completely agree with you :). I feel it will stop me being a lazy teenager who does nothing but video games. Thanks for watching and commenting. 😀 Hope you have clear skies this year!

callumsMCworld says:

can you do a video on your telescope please, i was thinking of getting your telescope and that eye piece kit. thanks 

Leo Barrera says:

Yes, that’s what i thought. But they are actually pretty good. Yes they are not the best but they are some real good lower price lenses and filters.

LSP99 says:

Nope, im 13 🙂

Andy Leather says:

are these any better than the eyepeices that come with a celestron telescope.
I have a celestron telescope and the eye pieces are rubbish.

LSP99 says:

Thanks, Hope it works well for you! and thanks for watching and commenting 🙂


Does this work on all the models for Celestron? I just ordered the AstroMaster 130 eQ mD. I was wondering if it came with the best scopes or if I could buy better ones. I want to see the actual rings on Saturn or Jupiter if I can in detail. Or even craters on their moons if possible

Ryan J says:

Barlow lens affects the focal length of the telescope (1200mm Focal length+barlow=2400mm focal length) not the eyepiece. Just a little nit pick, but other than that its a very good informative video.

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