Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit 1.25 in

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This is an unboxing of the Eyepiece and Filter Kit from Celestron. Great beginning eyepiece kit. Well built and worth the price.

– Five 1.25″ Plössl Eyepieces: 6mm, 8mm, 13mm, 17mm and 32mm

– Barlow Lens: 2x
– Six 1.25″ Colored Eyepiece Filters

See the review: http://youtu.be/c74-zuVqDGA

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Product Link: http://www.celestron.com/c3/product.php?CatID=42&ProdID=271


Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

I recommend using it without the filters at first… then when your confident you’ve nailed the eye pice’s you can start using the filters. Also… try it with and without the diagonal, you might be surprised at all the combinations. Clear Skies from EyeSkies!

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

This is a great kit… What kind of scope are you looking at?

terawattz says:

i find this kit handy.although i have not used the 6mm.i like it for the various bits of kit,have shot some funny moon pictures with each of the filters,now there is such thing as a blue moon.lol and green.

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

Thanks… I have been reel happy with the quality for the price I paid. Recommend getting a Televue Tele Extender to complement your collection. CLEAR DARK SKIES!!!

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

You bet… the 80LCM Computerized Telescope is 1.25″ so it should work fine.

foegeinfl says:

Hey Marc,

I just bought this kit with my first scope, a Celestron Travelscope 70.  I’m not sure where to put the filters though.  Do they go on the eyepiece?

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

Cool… Make sure you post your photos on my facebook page EyeSkies! Lots of great tips and people participating. Thanks for watching!

jrann888 says:

What’s price range . on an eyepiece set for an 70mm meade & mh25mm & mh9mm . Or what do you suggest i use on an budget.. thanks

wrangler4banger says:

I have a celestron 70 Az, when I use the barlow lens w/ the eyepieces to say zoom in on saturn, I run out of focus length with the adjusting screw. Without the barlow, I can focus fine, but saturn is pretty small. Am I doing anything wrong? I can focus on the moon with the barlow, so is saturn too far away?

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

@terawattz — Cool, You welcome to head over to my facebook page and post photos.

NorthernIREEE says:

Would this kit work for the starmax 90mm? – Im a noob :p

terawattz says:

yes have had some fun with the filters

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

@nikegolfer113 – Cool… Let me know if you have any questions about stuff!

I Follow The Moon says:


terawattz says:

already use this kit

Evan S says:

I have a Celestron 102mm GT. I’m not familiar enough with scopes to know if the eyepieces that came with the scope are good quality or not. The images I get are really clear as it is, would these Plossl eyepieces be worth getting?

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

@terawattz – Thanks great… Do you like it?

Jamie S says:

When you say Diagonal, what do you mean?

Canoon Canoon II says:

@ Marc,

What is the best view Mars’ polar with color filter what?  Thank you.

Marcus Zabokrtsky says:

I have been real happy with this set. Great for my beginner status.

bradzGhOsT says:

What eyepeice would you recommend, thinking of buying this and telescope

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