Bresser 70° AFOV Eyepiece Set Review

The Bresser 70° Eyepiece Set is a great set of eyepieces for the amateur/intermediate astronomer. These eyepieces utilize the Erfle design, which is a 5 element design. One excellent aspect of the Erfle design is the eye relief. The 35mm, 30mm and 25mm 2″ eyepieces included in the kit all have large amounts of eye relief, making for very comfortable viewing sessions.

The set also includes 3, 1.25″ eyepieces of 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm focal lengths. These work well for lunar and planetary observation.

A drawback of the Erfle design is these eyepieces don’t provide a well corrected field when used in anything with a focal ratio of f/6 or faster. When using these eyepieces at f/5 or f/6 you will see noticeable come near the edges of the field of view.

That being said I really enjoy these eyepieces. The 70° apparent field of view makes me feel as if I am immersed in the sky. They are solidly constructed and are fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission. Whether you are a new observer looking for a good eyepiece set, or an experienced observer that wants a new set of eyepieces for outreach, this eyepiece set is one I would recommend.


Ted Williams says:

Great video! Didn’t Explorer Scientific buy out Bresser and it is now only Explorer Scientific? When I spoke with Explorer they told me that once the merge is complete Bresser will no longer be on the label! Meaning the brand Bresser will no longer exist!

TheJohn8765 says:

Slymin, can you recommend a 1.25″ 40mm (thereabouts) eyepiece for my 8SE? My local shop has strongly pushed me towards a Vixen Plossl NPL (he really likes them), but he can’t seem to source it since it’s no longer being produced and he needs to buy old/new stock. I’m not ready to step up to a 2″ setup but am OK with spending a medium amount of money (something around $80-120ish USD).

Thanks for your previous vids; I bought my 8SE in part based on your reviews. I found them to be realistic about what I’ve experienced thus far.

Ray's Astrophotography says:

Slymin, Awesome review again. The quality of your content and video amazes me always. I am your avid subscriber. I am making some of my own videos nowadays, but nothing close to what you have done. Kudos to you.

Best Regards,

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