Baader Clicklock Review

Baader makes quality stuff!



SpaceHunter says:

please send me link to that Baader Clicklocks that you are useing. Thank You

starman 59 says:

I have a nice meade etx 90mm can you make it better

F Fighter says:

Nice price tag too! But I guess if you can afford that arsenal of eyepieces you have, the Baader system is just pocket change.

starman 59 says:

you need to buy a questar put it in a glass box put it on your desk it would make you happy just to look at it

Bailey Tye says:

Loved the vid that much i just bought a Celestron adv vx 8″ edge hd. now all i need to do is get all the baader stuff $$$$

James Korwek says:

I came accross this video about a month ago. I also use bino viewers and with 2 Meade 10mm MW-100% FOV made for one heavy setup. I could not trust it from spinning even without eyepieces. I found the Baader click locks at:

They go fast! Best investment one can make

Thank you for the demonstration.

Now for a question. What type adapter, tele extender, are you using with the DSLR?

seattlevkk says:

Hi, thanks for the great and useful review. I got the clicklock 2″ adapter for my 8″ Celestron and the diagonal as well after seeing this. What adapter did you use to connect the camera? I have a Nikon but my t ring and adapter don’t fit the 2″ opening of the clicklock

Markinpuff says:

Tim, could u show me the original pictures of your ota corrector and primary mirror , so I may compare them to what I’m seeing

SpaceHunter says:

thank you sir. Great info on the 2″. I will be upgrading to the 2″ eyepiece as soon as i save up for it. I get my new celestron edge hd 8 with cgem mount tomorrow. Keep up with the great videos. Happy star hunting.

Markinpuff says:

Tim, I was inspired to purchase the same exact telescope OTA anyway and a Clicklock visual back, I have a question about the Clicklock. When I received mine I noticed that some of the threads were scraped a bit, where I could see some scratches in the metal/paint. Did you happen to inspect yours when you received it? Do you think this is the normal result of perhaps manufacturing testing. The Clicklock came in sealed white box with no instructions of any kind or documentation warranty card nothing. I’m just hoping this is normal if not I’m going to return it.

narehabako says:

Hi, Tim. I wanted to make a video just like yours. May I please know the list of what I need to have?

AntMan 72 says:

Been looking for something like this since 2007! Gave up a long time ago then seen this video! TY

John L says:

Hi TIm, thanks for posting this video, I’ve found one that fits my Edge 11. Would like to know if you plan on posting videos related to focal reducers etc.

Vitor Reis says:

I have a set like this and I have to say….only germans can do it

TimTools99 says:

If you want to skip right to the part in the video where I show the Baader Clicklock …. start at 2:50

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