AstroMaster Telescope Accessory Kit Tour

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The AstroMaster Accessory Kit is designed to enhance the functionality and pleasure of using your Celestron telescope. This kit may also be used with many other telescope brands that accept 1.25″ eyepieces and filters.

AstroMaster Accessory Kit Includes:
• 15 mm Kellner Eyepiece
• 6 mm Plössl Eyepiece
• 2x Power Lens with T-threads
• #80A Blue Planetary Filter
• #25 Red Planetary Filter
• Moon Filter
• Micro Fiber Cloth
• Plastic Carrying Case with Foam


the Happy Mason says:

Awesome video guys

solountipomas says:

Can you make a video of how to add the motor to the astromaster 130 EQ???
I´m looking forward to buy it. Thanks.

ImJustHereForTheMoney says:

Love my astromaster 70AZ fantastic

Charles R. says:

Your Instruction Video is EXCELLENT. Detailed and you were very thorough in your explanation.  I had many questions, nearly all answered in this short video.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you.

Lia Auld says:

Good video, just helped me decide to actually get this particular kit for my Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ MD Reflector Telescope!

Wendy Lagorra says:

Hi, I’m planning to buy the Celestron Astromaster 90EQ, 🙂 and I’m kinda interested to this kit, how much does it cost?
I’m new to astronomy though 🙂  

grizzly martin says:

well that work on my 114eq?

Fardin Islam says:

Will all kit fit with Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope ? Because you are telling about ” AstroMaster ” series…But my series is ” Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design “

BBAFER says:

Can I put the moon filter on the end of a CCD?

shegotlockjaw says:

Are there any kits where I can attach my phone to my daughters Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90 EQ

Jason Guley says:

Thank you that was very helpful.

George Navrozidis says:

Hi!…Do we know the apparent field of view of the 15mm eyepiece?

volker11 says:

what about smart phones like a iphone? how do i attach it to the lens or do i need a adapter?

Elon Musk says:

Is there like a manual or a sheet of paper that comes with information about the kit and what each piece does? That would be very helpful.

Harsh Gidwani says:

Is it compatible with astromaster 70az

Chrysilla Lewies says:

Thanks for making this video. It really helped me today as I am a beginner

Dylan Huet says:

can we get some picture of jupiter mars etc using this kit?

Ryan Yon says:

great video thanks

Terry Chhangte says:

The demonstration showed that the T-ring adapter fits for Nikon camera,does it fits for Canon EOS as well?

silenthill2083 says:

Is it compatible with the AstroMaster 130?

Ben Schroeder says:

The barlow lens that came (x3) doesn’t allow me to add any filters, nor to attach my T ring. Did I get the wrong barlow?

Victor Acosta says:

Great explanation!

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