A guide to Barlow Lenses

A brief intro into Barlow lenses and their uses, in this video guide I show variety of Barlows that I own and my views on each one to give you some idea to pick a perfect barlow for yourself!


Gary Stoughton says:

The Revelation Astro barlow you have there is the same thing as the GSO 2.5x APO barlow also and can be found on EBay for $57!

anarchyonline0 says:


joe collins says:

hi there i have a celestron c90 mak spotting scope whats your thoughts on using a barlow lense thanks

Michael Wallace says:

black on black does not help the demonstration.

Vinny Pango says:

Great vid, mate..LOL!….Caleb seems quick to critique your sound quality first, rather than appreciate the wealth of knowledge provided in this clip…It must be nice to be perfect. :)….Thank you for sharing. I’ve learned a great deal here.

Caleb Hubbell says:

The sound quality of this video is shit.
Thanks for the information though.
I was thinking about buying a 3x barlow.
Your video kind of confirmed that I should. :v

Cristian Bureriu says:


lys dexic says:

great video, really easy to understand. So I have a 9.25 SCT and would get a better look (i.e zoom in) at the stars which Barlow would you recommend? most people seem only to be interested in looking at planets using the Barlow. Perhaps I need to use some other eyepieces other than the Celestron 1.25 eyepiece and filter kit evidently there are pretty average. Looking at the review of the kit here on youTube there was meant to be a Barlow included, not sure why there wasn’t got ripped off being a newb.

Fred J Pearce says:

Nice vid.

Roberto Alanis says:

can a 3x barlow work on a bushnell 700×76?

Manuel Cortez says:

what are the elements?

Speed Force89 says:

My 3x lens won’t fit on my telescope and it came with it so wtf?

Captain _ b1ackb0ne says:

Witch is better? A 2x or 3x?

Hisham A.H says:

I am getting a dark shadow within the videos or exposures when using my barlow with webcamera for astrophotgraphy,is there away to get rid of it?

Simon Fletcher says:

Good Job Marty.
very helpful for someone looking to upgrade their standard supplied barlow.

Clay Withers says:

Hi Martin, thinking about the bigger Skywatcher ST 120 Refractor. Is it £100 worth spending for the 3/4″ bigger aperture, and will the 2nd Barlow lense  you mentioned(2.5x, 3 lense Barlow) suit these types of telescopes; 102 or 120 Achromatic? Thanks for your videos, they’ve really given me a bit more understanding as a complete novice. 🙂

Shockwave Bot says:

I own two very nice 3-element barlows, one is a Celestron X-Cel LX 2x barlow, and a 2x and 1.5x barlow from Astro Engineering. They didn’t break the bank either, the Celestron barlow was about £65 and I picked up the Astro Engineering barlow from Astroboot for only £25, huge bargain.

ik jaws says:

Can you put were to get them and price in the description

Shockwave Bot says:

I would be quietly suspicious of relatively cheap 2 inch format barlows, the volume production of barlows is still in 1.25 inches and you tend to get better value for your money with 1.25 inch barlows.

Paul Barrett says:

at the point of sounding stupid, I have an equinox ED80 and zwo asi1600 camera pier mounted, I was thinking of buying a small MAK to image planets but would I be able to put a barlow lens on my ed 80 and still use tthe camera or is it for observing only not imaging

Warren Wakefield says:

After watching this I’ve realised it’s my cheap and nasty barlow that is letting me down. I’m a beginner who has just bought a second hand skywatcher skyhawk 114/1000. I have also just bought a decent zoom eyepiece which was a great improvement to the ep it came with but was wondering if you could recommend a decent barlow that is good enough to stay in my collection bit also good for my current telescope?

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