8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece

Probably the first eyepiece you should buy – the 8-24mm zoom


Rune Kjærsgaard says:

Great advice! Im new to astronomy and don’t only have two stock eyepieces. I just ordered the Baader Hyperion zoom eyepiece. I’m really looking forward to trying it out!

Abhishek Parida says:

Dear Astronomy Addict, Thanks for the video. I am about to order 150/750 GSO reflector and definitely going to consider your advice on owning a variable eyepiece. I found the information on http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ very practical.
However, my question is, how do I use this website to determine which eyepieces I should order. Should I exhaust all the possibilities from the drop-down list corresponding to the Messier objects (or Planets) and Eyepieces? I find this technique bit cumbersome, although I would love doing it if this is the only way. Is there a general guideline to address my issue? In short, could you throw some light on how to hunt for an eyepiece range?
Thank you in advance!

CrazyCrow69 says:

Good video and thank you for the advice, new to the night sky craic and have been toying with buying one of these as i only have 1 eyepiece that came with the scope, now subscribed, top man

Nicole Sharp says:

Thanks for this advice. I recently got my first telescope, a used 114-mm reflector that I received as a gift, but it only came with a single 25-mm eyepiece. So I need some additional eyepieces, and I figured a zoom “one eyepiece to rule them all” might be most convenient. However, wouldn’t I still need to swap out eyepieces for magnifications greater than 8 mm or less than 24 mm? If I get the individual eyepieces used on eBay, they are cheaper than getting the zoom eyepiece. I figure if I still have to swap out eyepieces even if I have a zoom eyepiece, then what is the point of having a zoom in the first place?

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