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How does a telescope collect and magnify light? Check out the Cassegrain Telescope SIM at http://www.ck12.org/sims Learn more about Mirrors at http://www.ck12.org/physics/Mirrors/ View all of CK-12’s free, high-quality STEM resources at http://www.ck12.org

Telescope Jupiter, Saturn and the moon. Celestron C9.25 AVX mount and ZWO ASI224mc and ASI290 Jupiter, Saturn and the moon images in the Celestron C 9.25 schmidt cassegrain (sct) telescope Celestron AVX telescope mount, Celestron x-cel 3x barlow and ASI224mc and ASI290mm cameras. Subscribe to this channel for more videos of the planets and planetary […]

Celestron is not only changing the way we experience astronomy, but we’re also changing the way you interact with the night sky. The Astro Fi is a fully featured telescope that can be controlled with your smart phone or tablet using the free Celestron SkyPortal app. Celestron’s SkyPortal app replaces the traditional telescope hand control […]

Galileo 1100x135mm (5″) DB-135 Reflector Telescope I purchased this scope last week and in general it’s not bad, a nice alternative to my refractor. Some nice views of Jupiter with 25mm but no final verdict until I have collimated this. The Dobsonian base is a little annoying as it moves really smooth until you get […]

Want to shoot with an extremely long lens? A reflecting telescope may be your cheapest option. In this video Bohus shows you how he rigged his Sony A7R II to shoot with a Meade ETX-90EC 1250mm telescope! Click here to get your T-mount to Sony E-mount adapter: https://www.fotodioxpro.com/products/t2-snye These are sometimes called Maksutov lenses, after […]

QANLIIY 10 – 100X 21 Roof BAK4 Prism Monocular with Tripod from Gearbest costs me $14.04 Product Link: http://www.gearbest.com/binoculars-and-telescopes/pp_352952.html

Video showcasing the view of Jupiter through the Orion Sky Scanner 100mm Telescope and a Tele Vue 3x Barlow. Video captured with the Orion Star Shoot All-In-One Astrophotography Camera.

The main advantage of an 8 inch telescope over a 5 inch one is when you take long exposure photographs. The NexStar mount isn’t good enough for exposures longer than around 30 seconds. The planets and the Moon will look the same in both telescopes unless you live in the desert away from city lights. […]

This is my 4th video in my series about Dobsonian Mount telescopes. It is all about understanding eyepieces and their relation to the telescope. Learn how to determine the magnification of an eyepiece with your telescope and how to choose new eyepieces.

SPACE.com’s Dave Brody sets-up this amazing tabletop Dobsonian. Nearly half your purchase price ($200) goes to support science education around the world (through the non-profit Astronomers Without Borders). Read Dave’s full review: http://www.space.com/31231-best-inexpensive-telescopes.html One People – One Sky! Buy the OneSky 130 and support Astronomers Without Borders here: http://goo.gl/HJn3Yi Video by @DavidSkyBrody & Jeremy Lips […]

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