Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian Telescope Review

A review of the Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian Telescope


keeler1160 says:

Man, I’m blown away. I had thoughts about buying the orion XT8 but this has more for the buck.

Jay Swiglo says:

Nice review Allan! I have Z12 and it is a monster but love it!

Heath Chauncey says:

Great video. Subscribed! I just ordered this scope and also the Zhumell Barlow lens.

cb2k761 says:

Just ordered this telescope along with a 2x Barlow.

Goodolboy One says:

I can tell find the link to purchase one of these telescopes. You said down below? Where.

Vanmathi I says:

what eyepiece can I buy for planetary viewing 15mm or 6mm

Spring Kordz says:

Hi Allen, very nice review. Can you recommend some good budget EP’s that would compliment the Z8?

Bob dabiuld says:

Can you lock the spinning?

stevecytfme says:

It would have been nice if you had included, by way of pictures, or even just telling us, what kinds of things could be seen well. Those of us, such as myself who know absolutely nothing about all of this, wonder what you can see with such a telescope. Just suggesting for any future videos. Otherwise, well done.

jbs68 says:

hi Allen, great review, and very helpful as well! i just received the z10 and set it up last night

stevecytfme says:

What are you saying there at 0:27? “It’s a really nice DOG”? It doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I just can’t make out what you’re saying. Could it be “DOT”? Please clarify. Thanks.

EJL2004 says:

Arg! No Canadian retailers. I just ordered the xt8 plus, and a 9×50 right angle finderscope. Wish I could find the Zhumell but oh well, they’ll both work well enough.

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