Why you should not buy a cheap telescope

Buying a cheap ($10-$50) telescope can actually do more harm than good, ruining someone’s interest in astronomy and possibly even science in general.

In this video I show you a cheap department store telescope I purchased and detail why it is not worth the trip to the store, much less the money you pay for it.

In this video I am looking at the itek 50mm refractor as shown at this link: https://amzn.to/2RZykKX which I paid $20 for, and that was $25 too much (allotting $5 for gas and my time buying it).

This does NOT mean you have to spend a fortune, just a little more will get you a telescope that is actually usable. I personally recommend the Celestron Powerseeker 70az shown at this link https://amzn.to/2BekIpR as a first telescope for children. See my upcoming video review of the telescope for more information.


Jaggy's Exotic Pet's says:

Because here in asia we consider that as kids telescope or for kids who want to study astronomyor kids begginer telescope And its all plastic and it cost around 15 dollar to 40 dollar here..

XRollingston- mroz says:

I have one of these telescopes its called the itek and it doesn’t work

PyroTeam DH says:

Not all of them are worse some cheap ones ae pretty good

XRollingston- mroz says:

And I’m 11 years old

maddog says:

they dont want people to discover planets are holograms!

Amy Yeagley says:

I bought that exact telescope for my 11 year…you could see nothing..it didn’t work..

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