TS 65 Quad Refractor Review (part 2)

Explanation of pinched optics & how to fix them along with a stripdown of the Telescope Service TS65 Quad


PaperGames02 says:


Daniel Beetsma says:

This was extremely helpful. Thank you very much for taking the time to upload this!
Also, there are such retaining rings on my TS Flat 2 flattener, and I wouldnt be surprised if they are also present on the TS 0.79x 4 element reducer (which I currently use). The same trick applies then, of course.

Frédéric Caron says:

Thank you very much for this great tutorial ! I had a lot of trouble to loosen the retaining ring of the corrector element even using tools…Now I think my elongated stars pattern is fixed in my AT65EDQ.

Paul Walsh says:

I’ve used a Logitech Quickcam E1000 for imaging before now. Haven’t tried it as a guide camera though.  Fortunately where the lens screws into has the same thread size as the SPC900NC so an adapter for the Philips will fit.  The E1000 doesn’t appear to be available any more, but there are similar looking cameras which might do the trick

Lloyd Kenney III says:

very helpful, thanks

Israel Gil Andani says:

Very useful video. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise.

L Louis says:

Very informative.  Thanks for posting.  Never knew you could disassemble the entire refractor like that. 

thepecha7 says:

Very informative Dion! If you have no plans for another video, it would be great to see an updated polar scope webcam mod. I have had no luck finding a SPC900NC and have no idea about webcams and what models would be successful at fitting to the scope!

Dave Connolly says:

I ordered the TS80 quad, just one question you may know the answer to, the focal length is 480mm of the triplet and when its turned into a quad this becomes 520mm, why is that

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