TS 65 Quad Refractor Review (part 1)

Review of the TS65 Quad refractor, I’ve had mine a little over 12 months and love it. Highly recommended. The UK agent for Telescope Service is http://www.modernastronomy.com


Jeffrey petch-harrison says:

very nice for an under 3 inch, shit hot tnx jeff ..

Photosinferno says:

Another entertaining and informative video Dion, thanks 🙂 question can you use this scope ‘visually’ as well, as the TS site is confusing me a tad. Many thanks

aloamars says:

great review, nice video.

Israel Gil Andani says:

Hello Harry.
Excellent video and very helpful as I just bought one a few weeks ago. Can you point me where to buy the extensor?…  Really looks very solid.
I have been doing some tests with a modified Canon EOS 550D and stars are sharp all the way.

Jim Hendrickson says:

Nice review, and spectacular image. I also like that they provide a R&P focuser with the scope. Astronomics (in the US) was selling these scopes for a while under their Astro-Tech brand. A friend has one but I don’t think he’s had the chance to do much imaging with it yet.  I’m looking forward to part 2. I’ve always wondered what a quad apo looked like inside.

Dave Connolly says:

Just got the 80mm version of this. apart from the dovetail (and i think i know why they dont supply one) everything you did not like in your review of the 65mm has been fixed. Screw cap  lens cover and all. I got one of the first of the new 2014 version of this with the 2.5mm R&P focuser 

Stefan Grecu says:

Bentornato Dion! .. 

Don Hays says:

Very nice review.  I got a different scope and the metal cap fell off that one as well.  I fixed it the same way you did.  I do agree that scopes should come with a dovetail.

astronomyshed says:

+Israel Gil I have no idea who Harry is, but the extension I use is this one (scroll down a little) http://www.modernastronomy.com/accessories.html

dwilliams851 says:

I’ve just bought an AT65EQD and this was really useful, thanks.

Mark Garth says:

Nice looking scope and a fantastic image of the Whirlpool.  PS, you have a comma instead of a full stop in the Modern Astronomy link.

Dave Connolly says:

Would this scope be ok with a DSLR at one end. had a few scopes sub 80mm that slip.

31bluenose says:

Nice review Dion. …..notoriety…..
Still got your old 200p! Regards, Steve.

Guy Noname says:

perfect review:) i bought it TODAY! 

Pavle Gartner says:

where did you buy dovetail?

31bluenose says:

Cheers Dion, the 200P still gets the odd night out. Too much rain. It’s been a while since your last vid. Thanks for the latest one.

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