The Sky-Watcher 120 Refractor telescope in use.Terrestial views .

A look through the eyepieces of the Sky-Watcher 120 short tube telescope. Eyepieces used were the ones that come with the scope a 25 mm and 10 mm. Views from 5 miles across the bay showing magnification views through the 25 and 10 mm eyepieces. For nicer sunny day views shot in June of the boats go to


dereton33 says:

Hi Dean , yes I still use it a lot and think it was still good value for the money , kind regards,

Lance Flanagan says:

I’m looking to buy my first telescope and i want to do both land and sky viewing. Will a refractor’s view be the right way up or do i need something extra? 

Jafar SS says:

for those researching on the telescope, I have some sample shots of the moon the longer version of this telescope.

cgm920 says:

120mm refers to Diameter of the objective lens rather than the focal length?

lilvipa1 says:

Great scope in spite of chromatic abberation but the mount is a different story. The az3 lacks stability and 10 lbs which this scope weighs is good for low power but anything above that will keep you waiting for scope to stop vibrating. Beautiful scope tho and would look great on a twilighht 1 or voyageur mount,

Saiph says:

otwórz to cholerne okno!!

parrot finch guy says:

seen any women in the bath

dereton33 says:

Hi Dean mine is the Skywatcher Startravel 120 (eq3-2 costing £349.00.
Kind regards,

Petra Kann says:

you spent a lot of money for the refractor, and yet not much on the mount.

michael carquez says:

have you ever attached a dslr to that

g4vvq1983 says:

Hi there, are you happy with this scope I am thinking of buying one, mostly for planets, do you have any problems, is it better than the smaller ones…Fred Essex

Gohan Lee says:

how much is that telescope ??

kroozin900 says:

holly fuck. you could do some window shopping with that thing eh  :)..

Dean Stokes says:

Hi where did you buy it from and is it an f/5 or f/8

shane brady says:

Someone is not totally ignorant. Similar to my first scope[same maker, different brand] GARBAGE, but then, you get what you pay for! Good value for money if your not to fussed with image quality:/ See that eyepiece, could they make a cheaper, shittier one? WE are not “all” right in to this, so it will probably serve its owner fine, after all, you dont KNOW what your missing:)

John Smith says:

Why buy a telescope when all you need is a spottingscope

g4vvq1983 says:

Hi there, is Saturn bigger than a Pea with this scope, that’s about the biggest I have seen it so far, maybe even smaller…Fred Essex

kaimelis says:

wtf is wrong with the video?

dereton33 says:

No it was a cloudy night:


You said 120ml focal length 120 is the aperture the focal length is 500ml

dereton33 says:

O sorry.

Dean Stokes says:

Hi Al, are you pleased with it? As thinking of getting it for my 50th birthday cheers. dean

Gohan Lee says:


doomham100 says:

Im tied between this and the 150 next model up. Really not sure. The 150 has 300X maximum mag while the 120 has 240. Is this worth the extra £100? (Larger ota obviously too)

dereton33 says:

Hi Gohan it is £249.00 with mount and 2 eyepieces.

dereton33 says:

I don’t know that one , the mount came with the scope and does not have a make on it.

Google User says:

What make/model is your altazimuth mount? Thanks!

Parole Clip says:

Can’t see the stars with it ?

Fraser Harrison says:

I am actually thinking of getting one of these for myself for my birthday!
I laughed when you said “there it is against my window and it looks very nice.” I can tell you, anyone else that sees that scope up against a window will probably say, “Checking out the neighbors?” 😛 I am kidding of course. But if you’re going to do another video, I would really like to see it. I am trying to find out as much as I can about this scope.

dereton33 says:

Hi Fraser I will be getting around to some proper astrophotography views soon.

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