Testing The New Telescope – Astronomy, The Journey Begins

Assembly and test-run of the new telescope, and discussing reasons behind choosing it.


Skywatcher HEQ5 pro GOTO with SkyScan hand controller.

Explore Scientific AR 152mm (6″) f/6.5 Air Spaced Double Refractor OTA with 8x50mm straight through finderscope.

Canon 1100D DSLR



Eric Shutter says:

subbed! Thinking about starting it also… very interesting and also wanting to use my camera to photograph. Don’t want to jump into the expert mode with (good) advice on the internet and a lot of K$ to get there asap.

Na s says:

Rick, what do you do for a living?

rccrashburn says:

Good video! Am wondering, why did it slew the long way around to locate Venus?


<3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Garces Jr. says:

hey everybody in the YouTube world I have left several comments about telescopes is there anyone out there that can tell me what is a good telescope for nighttime or daytime from what I’m understanding you can do both night and day that has good Clarity good distance and what would be a good name brand one for a good starter telescope but I’d love to have a good one so if anybody could hit me back with a message foa comment private message don’t matter to this comment and let me know your thoughts on a good starter one because where I live in South Carolina it’s nothing but beautiful skies at night and the things that you see flying by zooming through the sky it ain’t no damn airplane in it ain’t no satellite so if anyone could please call me at back and help to let me know a good name of one for day and night use I really would appreciate it YouTube world thank you all and God bless thank you so much please let me know if anyone doesn’t mind answering this question for me if you do not want to answer I really do respect that but thank you anyway later YouTube world.

Ufoglobal Italia says:

Dove posso comprarlo ?

Sammy L says:

Such a fantastic telescope in a cloudy and foggy country like UK !

Net ty says:

looking back at this oh my rick yeah nuff said 😛

shawnte Pitts says:

Right on time

My Daddy says:

Those two round weight metals have a tiny ring stopping them from falling off wow! I love science!

Kelly Taylor says:

With a Semi APO filter and a IR/UV. filter and you will amazed at this scope.
I have a 6 inch F/5 and it does an amazing job
with the filters.
A Takisha 1 1/4″ prism diagonal
A Istar 2″ and your good.
A great Brandon 2 inch Barlow and a good set
of eyepieces and you will have a really nice setup. I can get 300x easy with filters and barlow. Lots of detail on Jupiter and Saturn.
I have other refractors as well.
6″ F/15
8″ F/9
I enjoy them all.

The Cake Is A Lie says:

thats one hell of a beginner package you’ve bought yourself

truth show says:

*Nasa is Hebrew for deceit, planets don’t exist, they are lights, trust your own equipment.*

Tim Chemaly says:

Wow that mount is so silent compared to my meade lx200. Mine sounds like a tractor moving past you 🙁
Love your review Rick! Very well done!

TheMonsieurPropre78 says:

I have one nikon coolpix b700

Latner32 says:

question, when you order the stand and the scope, do they come with a battery to hook up?

meee meee says:

Wellness ,, you would locat Astronomy in outer space ,hoooooo,this astronomy it’s would be an equal with 10000000000 $$$$$$$$$$$

London Brick Builder says:

This telescope or 8″ celestron edge hd?

Raidiror Mies says:

zoom to sun

Michael Tenkuuji says:

the galaxy is so beautiful.. the moon is same too.. i love them all. suggested youtuber for who likes astronomy 😀

Jiamin Lin says:

It’s absolutely a giant monster! Just wonder if it is an apo refractor.

shlibber says:

When you said astrology, I remembered one of Patrick Moore’s pointed comments in the back of my mind☺

Anthony Rodemus says:

“Got clouds for the next ten days…”

Of *course* you have! You just bought a ton of new astro gear! Did your astro-mates chastise you appropriately? 🙂

meee meee says:

And is it optional to trecc these Astronomy and get in here ???!!

Carlos Hernandez says:


Sean M says:

Great Video. Let me know if I can ever help

Ron JL White says:

when i got my Celestron 15x70s, it had been clear for weeks. the day i got them it clouded up for the next 6 nights LOL!!!

Kamal Kumar says:

what is the cost of this telescope?? i want to buy !!

Gregory Heath says:

nice scope. I like my 16″ Dob, but wish I had a refractor also.

Adnan Ahmad says:

sir what’s the model and price .. ?

b1aflatoxin says:

😀 Like a child on Christmas morning, …and I don’t blame you one bit! – The stuff of dreams, yeah? 🙂

R l says:

Yes the hand move

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