Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Super APO Triplet (Telescope Unboxing)

Unboxing a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Telescope.

My Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 Review:

Thank you to Sky-Watcher and the subscribers of this channel for making this happen. I can’t wait to use this triplet APO for some deep sky astrophotography in the backyard.

Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Super Apo Triplet Specs:

Optical Design : Apochromatic Triplet
Diameter : 100mm
Focal Length : 550mm
F-ratio : f/5.5
Tube Weight : 13 lbs
Tube Dimensions : 10.5 x 47 cm


Jason Lee says:

Cannot wait to see what you think of this FPL-53 babe! Was thinking about a purchase for my deep sky pursuits!

Wesley Pronovost says:

the dew shield looks ENORMOUS. Awesome scope Trevor, can’t wait for a video of first light(Hint you better make a video for first light) ; )

Everett Lineberry says:

Great unboxing video! I bought the ASI294 pro imager used and I’m considering purchasing this scope. Have you used the 294 on this scope? The manual says I’ll need custom spacers to obtain the correct focal length from the flattener when using CCD’s. Just curious what size spacers you used if any. Great vid. Thanks again!

Jenham's Astro says:

Great to see it coming out of the box Trevor! I used to own an Equinox 120ED which gave great views but was a bit too much for my HEQ5. Hopefully a faster ratio scope like the Esprit would fit better for AP.

Thomas Butts says:

Awesome! Enjoy Trevor!

Paul A Brierley says:

Hi Trevor. When you showed Rudie that scope box. I could imagine him asking. “where are those balls”
The ESPRIT 100 looks good. When do you planning to image with it?

MJV Productions says:

Your enthusiasm really makes these videos. The joy of it all really comes across.

Neb B says:

Can’t wait to see the reviews as this is the scope I own 🙂 and my very first. I have it mounted on an EQ6
Would like to see you attach a zwo camera on it as I could not get focus without the diagonal.
Another thing I find annoying, I could not mount my guide cam on the finder scope, threading is different. So basically am thinking of upgrading it with a skywatcher evoguide 50mm.
My base plate was black and not green.
Pictures of some of the cases show wheels, my case like yours did not have wheels.

Dylan Slater says:

The balls in the case are for juggling in your down time when your oot taking photos

jocelyn st-martin says:

its pronounce , s pree , meens spirit in french

Geriatric Astronomer says:


Stavros Raf says:

Hey, have you considered the SKYWATCHER EVOSTAR 72ED DS PRO its like a budget apo and i am really considering it as my first astRophotography telescope after doing some steps with the etx-80 which cant really keep up now.Also what would be your suggestion on budget mounts I am currently between SKYWATCHER Star Adventurer and the IOPTRON skytracker. Thanks in advance.

Evil Grampa says:

You review many cameras but they are mostly high-end expensive ones, I would love to see you review some of the cheaper ones say in the$100 price range after all not all of us can drop $250 to$500 on a camera

Банана Шишкина says:

Извините Пожалуйста ! А какая стоимость , этого телескопа ! How much does this telescope cost?

TheNuke1111 says:

That will be my next refractor 🙂

Dark Arts Astrophotography says:

Great unboxing. Man, I’d love to have that scope!

Also, nice touch on the popping sound at 2:53 when the ball pops out again. That made me chuckle.

On a side note, “Esprit” is French for “Spirit” and is pronounced «Es-pree».

Wesley Pronovost says:


Patrick Müller says:

Nice Mass Effect music, by the way! 😀

Sean M says:

That whole packing rig answers my questions to you about traveling with my gear. I’m screwed! I’ll have to drive for any real trips with my best gear!

edstud1 says:

This could be my next scope!

corisco tupi says:

Never mind the scope, that’s a mean-looking mount!

N4GW says:

That is my dream scope

M Corban says:

I like how kindly you talk to your four legged furry family member, Rudy!
Thanks for the awesome reviews!

Credu 144 says:


DustyCowdog says:

Dumb question: Can you just use the thing looking through the eyepiece with my eyeballs — the old fashioned way? I have little interest in astrophotography as opposed to just watching the sky live. Thanks and nice video. Edit… doesn’t really matter… at $2500 probably not going to be in my house. Still checking on the Explore Scientific. Seems more affordable for sure. I know… affordability is relative.

Anthony Menendez says:

buying one definitely

Heed the Seen says:

good dog
unsettling music

Sven Fischer says:

Hey Trevor, have a good time with the new good looking scope!

bngr bngr says:

Wouldn’t a camera telephoto lens such as a Canon 400mm 2.8 or a 600mm 4.0 produce better images?

Joel Spencer says:

Just had to pause to say yes! Not just me that uses keys to open boxes 🙂

nem 1970 says:

The little pop sound effect made me chuckle, keep up the great work – you have me hooked again, can’t wait to get some kit 😉

Francisco Pereira de Figueiredo says:

What a beautiful scope! Can’t wait to see the images you’re gonna make with It! Cheers from Brazil!

prashant sharma says:

Can you photograph comet 21p please

Daniel says:

Hi Trevor! I also have the Esprit 100ED here at home and are getting great pictures with it and my DSLR. Up untill now I havent been using a bahtinov mask but I’m in the marked for one, and was wondering where you bought yours if you use one for this telescope. I have read some reviews etc. online and people are complaining of wrong sizes of the ones they bought and was just wondering if you have any recommendations for which one I should purchase for my Esprit 100ED. Thanks and keep on making videos, they are great!

Temple Cave says:

I have that exact scope, and I think it’s one of the best values on the market for the quality and price.

Nenad Arsovic says:

Great video, even better scope. I have Esprit 100 for about 2 months now. Only issue i got is, scope is moving back and forward no mater how tight rings are. Just interested if you had that issue and if yes how did you fix it? thanks.

CaptainZuul says:

I like the mass effect music in the background.

Rashad Ujaimi says:

very nice scope, looking to see some photos made by this scope

tradde11 says:

I went with the Sky Watcher Esprit 120 ED instead. Can’t wait to start using it after I move to Texas.

Wierckx says:

Hi Trevor, I am looking into getting into tracked astrophotography after a while of shooting on a still tripod. Im looking at getting a EQ mount similar to yours but a new HEQ5, EQ5, AVX, EQ-G etc. Are just too expensive. You said you got your HEQ5 for 700 Canadian which I would consider to be within my budget by a fair margin, can you reccommend to me any used sites or resources for used astrophotography equipment? I am also located in canada (Next province over). Thanks 🙂

P Rod says:

Great unboxing video Trevor. Thanks! I am currently looking for a nice small refractor (I have none, only a 6″ SCT) and was hesitating between the SkyWatcher Esprit 80mm and the Esprit 100mm. I know that it’s all about aperture, but was wondering if you (or any subscribers) would have any advice. Thanks!

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