My New Telescope, 127mm ED Refractor

This was my first night out with my new Explore Scientific 127mm ED Essential Refractor telescope. I tried it on a number of deep sky objects including Ha on the PacMan nebula and my CLS filter on the Fireworks Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy (M33), and the Pleiades Star Cluster (M45). It took 1 hours worth of exposure time on each target. Here are the specs on my new Explore Scientific telescope:

Model Number:

Telescope Series:
Explore Scientific ED Air-Spaced Triplets

Telescope Optical Design:

Refractor Design:
Apochromat (APO)

Number of Refractor Elements: 3

Telescope Aperture: 5″

Telescope Focal Ratio: f/7.5

Telescope Focal Length (mm): 952

Optical Coatings: Explore EMD

Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13

Highest Useful Magnification: 271x

Diagonal: 2″ Star Diagonal

Telescope Eyepiece(s): None

Finder Included: None

Focuser Style: Crayford/Crayford Style

Focuser Size: 2″

Focuser Speed: Dual Speed

Telescope Mount Type: None. OTA Only

Telescope OTA Diameter (in.): 5.13 (130.4 mm)

Telescope Dew Shield Diameter (in.): 175mm

Telescope OTA Length (in.): 34

Telescope OTA Weight (lb.): 18



Mike Raggett says:

Chuck, I thought you had ceased purchasing more kit. Seem to recall a video about a month saying “that’s it no more” lol. Nice scope looking forward to some more images. Well done with getting it all setup in one night too.

Event Horizon Observatory says:

If you have the room in your backyard, you can always go with a concrete pier and permanently mount and surround it with a roll off shelter to get rid of those legs completely. I have the CGX-L….love it.

deejaybustab says:

Nice upgrades!! Can’t wait to see what you post with this one. I too just made another purchase lol I picked up a small refractor from highpoint. It’s the Skywarcher Pro 80mm F 7.5. Also picked up some dew heater strips & a 50mm guide scope for it. Should be in tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some wider shots now as the 8se has such a high focal length. I’ll still use the 8se for planets & other things that are smalll but really like the wide field images others are posting.

IppatsuMan71 says:

You know what’s next, right ? Yup. A better mount 🙂

Sean M says:

Tripod interference is the nature of the beast with these long refractors. Set your pier limits and engage auto meridian flip and you will be fine. Great choice on scope. I shoot with one also

talex001 says:

What happened to done with spending for the year???? : )
Getting kind of weird as now you bought the same scope I use so the only difference between our rigs is that I have a CGE Pro mount…


I wanna see uranus pls


But pics look amazing

Steven Parris Ward says:

Speaking of piers, get a load of this moving dual set up.

Resistance is futile lol.

jualbar1 says:

hola amigo buen dia… sky warcher trae un diagonal de 2 pulgadas muy bueno. yo lo utilizo para eso. asi evitas ese proble,a que tenes y de foco tambien. .me esta costando aprender somo realizar los flats bias darck en el generator— me da pena. no puedo

Valkeir says:

I recently purchased an Explore Scientific 102mm APO, the carbon fiber variety. I’m using an AVX mount so was wanting to make sure to keep the weight done as much as I could. I’ve only taken it out a couple times but its been an amazing piece of equipment so far, especially compared to what I was using, a Celestron 102 SLT. I look forward to seeing how you like your 127mm!

John Doe says:

I’m coping Jeff’s whole set up lol


You should get the Celestron RASA…. btw great Apo refractor…

Dino Monaco says:

Congrats on the ES ED127, Chuck. I got the carbon fiber version. Totally agree about the cheesy dew shield. I thought mine was broken or something until I saw your video.
One thing I’m disappointed w Explore Scientific is that I returned mine once for a metallic flake that I saw lingering inside the triplet lens.
When it was returned and I shined my flashlight into the glass, I found there are now 2 smaller flakes.
After several attempts of emailing customer service and trying to leave a message w them, no one got back to me.
So I gave up.
You’d think that after spending $1200 you would at the very least get clean optics. I’ve been a customer of ES for awhile and always had nothing but great reviews, but not this time.
I’ve been a fan of Scott Roberts and his philosophy. I think they got overwhelmed over the Eclipse period and bit off more than they chew.
Anyway, good luck w the new scope.

The Sammy Jenkins Experience says:

Hey Chuck. How long is that Losmandy D plate you’ve got there? Would I be correct in saying you can’t retract the dew shield without removing the scope from the cradle. Do you have a cap for the dew shield?

kajouman says:

wow triplet..thats gonna give pinpoint…when is the new mount coming gehgeh..but serious,how is the chromatic abberation ? im thinking for this scope too.

Astronomy East says:

Awesome Chuck. I’m sure you will do great with the scope. I wish you looked at the SW Esprit 120 APO. I love it but honestly if you are swapping out the focused it’s not worth the extra costs… looking forward to more images… see ya…

cablsurfin says:

Chuck, did you put a Moonlite focuser on this scope? I have the ES ED127CF. My Moonlite is arriving on Saturday. I’d like to know what focuser settings you are using in SGP so that I have a good starting point. Thanks, Nick

Andrew Craig says:

Were you able to get guiding this good right off the bat? Or did you have to make any adjustments to your mount?

Denny O'Connor says:

Ah Chuck, tsk tsk. Relapsed again eh?
But, you are Satan’s apprentice. Here I sit with a pier and an adapter already welded and machined for my CGEM and you keep showing off sub arc second tracking with the CGX.
And then I look at my trusty Genesis scope and you are showing off an APO, no less.
And I am struggling with a cheapy electric focuser and you shove that Moonlite in my face with all the goodies.
You Sir, are a bad example. My mother, rip, would be telling me I cannot go out and play with you.
Keep up the good work!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Hi Chuck. You mentioned that you’d need a wide-field scope to get the Pleiades all in. I’m assuming that you already had the 0.7 reducer on (reducing to what around F/5.6 I guess?)?

anon says:

a douche shield for sure

mrtheoden says:

I’ve peered into your destiny Chuck and I foresee a pier! Lovely new scope!

eternity_is_here says:

hi chuck, i’m just starting out and bought before i researched. i got the celestron 8 inch evo how did that wedge work out for you? thinking about getting one or should i just wait to get a EQ mount?

CJ Wagner says:

Hey Chuck! Nice kit! Have you worked out the issue with the OTA hitting the leg? I am considering the ED102 but also looking at the ED127.

Chris 570 says:

Chuck on this scope did u use Explore Scientifics rings? Like ur setup

Zak Foreman says:

Congratz on the new scope, looks promising 🙂
Looking forward to seeing more shots!
After rebalancing with the camera and other equipment, is your scope still obstructed by the tripod legs? Looks like you moved it a lot more forward…

Jan Porter says:

Chuck, I have the ED127 (for a year now – love it!) and the ED80. I see your 80 piggy-backed on the 127. Can you give me a “parts list” so I can do the same? All I have are rings for the ED80. BTW – pick up the .7 FR – you won’t regret it!

Jeff Lucas says:

HOLY SHI CHUCK – LOL. Hey, use the 2 inch diagonal included like I did on my video. LOL HOLY FFFFFF!!!! Awesome! Luckily I got the cgem dx for its long neck.–c

Steven Parris Ward says:

A great scope. That “halo” could be the beginnings of dew? May be a heater would fix it? I really like the sharpness and the field of view through refractors of this aperture  though. Thanks for posting.

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