My New 6 Inch Refractor

I thought I would go ahead and show you the personal refracting telescope I recently purchased. Though I’m not planning on setting it up for labs this semester…. you never know 🙂


Century25 says:

Nice! I have the same ‘scope!  The.. ‘Yard Cannon’, lol.  It’s a keeper, a telescope you never want to sell. If you do – you’ll regret it. 

wilfred gardiner says:

Beautiful scope .

Through the Telescope! says:

6 inches, what is that in mm? and what is the focal length in mm also?

TheT0nedude says:

nice looking scope…

Tricyklist says:

Excellent video! 🙂

starman 59 says:

I have an idea for you and your students to go out and buy some cheap telescopes from Walmart and the other outlet stores and find out why these telescopes do not work

L. Antelme says:

Nice scope but the chromatic aberration is crazy !

Markinpuff says:

that’s it lol

Solar Wind says:

Beautiful scope-I checked the price and it is quite  affordable.

starman 59 says:

and take all of those Scopes that do not work and Franken scope them I think they will get a kick out of it

robert bateman says:

Great scope. But if you were a guy, I would say the size is exaggerated ! Nice video too.

Matke MacurA says:


Alan .F says:

Very nice.

Gene Current says:

have same scope, great scope. it’s a beast but worth it. bought a 2 inch diaganol for it.

Matke MacurA says:


Danielchai S says:

It would be nice to switch from a reflector to refractor.
I wonder if having to use a diagonal, takes away the direct brilliance of a refractor.

This is something to reflect on.

starman 59 says:

I like the video but I think I have a crush on the person that’s presenting the videos she likes science and she likes to teach people about science now if her favorite movie is sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet there’s a love connection

Kelly Taylor says:

Refractors are good at everything.
I recommend you get a Baader Semi Apo filter and and UV/IR filter from Baader as well.
This will trans form the Scope.
I have several refractors
8″ F/9
6″ F/15
6″ F/5
4″ F/6
3.1″ F/6
66mm Petzval F/6
All of them benefitted from these Filters.
Astro Physics sells them
as does
Eyepiece Ect.
If you would like more info on how to make that refractor do all it is capable of let me know.
Mr. Kelly Taylor

Turnpike Killer says:

The woman of my dreams! Are you married?

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