My Latest Astrophotography Setup SkyWatcher Pro 80mm Refractor

I picked up this Sky-Watcher PRO 80 mm f/7.5 ED APO used and it’s my first wide field view setup for astrophotography. I have gotten a bit better with everything but I have a long way to go to get my photos looking better. It’s a fun process so I am not going to quit now lol

Sky-Watcher PRO 80 mm f/7.5 ED APO
50mm guide scope
Dew Heaters
Celestron AVX mount
Lobestar X2 guide camera
Polemaster polar camera
ZWO ASI1600mm Cool
ZWO 8 Position Filter Wheel


Luke's Astro says:

Nice Set-Up.

jualbar1 says:

hola buen dia… me parece muy prolijo todo te felicito . yo tengo la misma camara recien comprada xwo 1600 coll monocroma. con la rueda de filtros . podrias ayudarme? el programa ue utilizo es el secuence generator, pero no entiendo como se sacab los darck flats y bias que tiempo se pone en los flats y en las bias… y en que parte de la olanilla del generador.. te agradeceria mucho . gracias..

BlendzGoneWild says:

bruh, not even 1 sample pic?

Gabriela Fabiana Pluchino says:

hola amigo…tengo recien comprado el ed 80 triplete sprit y la camara es zxo 1600mm con la rueda y filtros baader ,todon en 2 pulgadas pero desulucionada total….. por la aberracion en las estrellas que tiene el guiado es perfecto pero pero las estrellas parece n cometas en los extremos.. te pasa lo mismo???? conoces la solucon?? gracias.. beso.

Brian Schneider says:

Nice setup. You’re gonna love that bahtinov mask. Lets you nail focus in 10 seconds and lock the focuser. I have that asi1600 too. If you’re using their rgb and narrowband filter set, I am pretty sure they are parfocal so refocusing between filters shouldn’t be necessary. The skywatcher field flattened/focal reducer is PRICEY! Even after spending the money on it I’m not sure the field is completely flat. Cheers!

Tony Granbäck says:

Great images. One thing at 1:27 MM in ASI1600MM stands for Monochrome not Millimeter

Ugo Greco says:

Hi,is it possible to use the SW80 ED as Celestron c8 guide scope?

Maddox Ox says:

So which one you like better the refractor or the C8? Also where is some pics lets see what you can do

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