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In this video, I’ll use the biggest astrophotography telescope I’ve EVER had to shoot the glorious M13 star cluster from my backyard. The Explore Scientific ED140 CF APO is an incredible instrument for deep sky astrophotography.

This triplet apochromatic refractor has a focal lenght of 910mm and an f-ratio of 6.5. The final image of the Great Hercules Cluster uses 2 Hours and 9 minutes (129 frames) worth of total integrated exposure time.

A special thanks to Greg at Explore Scientific for setting this up. I was not paid to endorse this product! And yes, I have to give it back:)

The Equipment Used in this Video:

Explore Scientific CF ED140 F/6.5 APO:
iOptron CEM60 Equatorial Mount:
ZWO ASI294MC-Pro Astronomy Camera:
Baader Moon and Skyglow Filter:
50mm Starfield Guide Scope + Camera Package:

Music by Aljosha Konstanty:

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Nightstalker 1 says:

Stumbled across this vid,,,,very impressive. Fell out of my chair when I saw the cost of that though. Wowza.

Cold War Jesus says:

I wouldn’t mind considering this one but why? How is it different than any other big refractor using spl-53 or something even a little better like fluorite matched with a carbon fiber tube ?

nolan le geimer says:

That telescope is not “HUGE” i’m sorry. That’s rather a medium sized telescope

Andrzej Papiewski says:

I have been using ED 80 Pro with great results, obviously a LOT cheaper 🙂





Michael Carter says:

I would just like to say Thank You for sharing your experience.

kckentcampbell says:

Really like your channel. Very informative. One thing I would like to ask, what light pollution zone is your backyard in for these great pictures that you create.

Bob Knight says:

go leafs go!!!

Antonio Marić says:

Big like for Mass Effect music!!! 🙂

Kanuckbrewer o says:

That is a beautiful telescope. Do you have a photo of IC4617, near M13?

Marco Favuzzi says:

Hi! clear skies and i wish you a lot of fun

rocket9244 says:

I’ll have to email them and get a scope for testing.

Dutchys Packin says:

I wish i had 6 grand for a scope

Rueben Tromp says:

Do you see Nibiru in the sky ?

Netty Voyager says:


Jex Martinez says:

LOL mannn I loved the ending comment. Great content. Thank you sir

Jeremy Veldman says:

Love globulars, awesome ending, GREAT Work!!

Sam Sen says:

Explore Scientific makes some of the best refractor telescopes out there and has the true touch of customer service like no or very few other companies. Love them unconditionally and everyone should support this excellent manufacturer. Please don’t listen to me and see their warranties and product explanations, from themselves or those who are your trusty and have experience with ES.
@8:36 ! Yes. Very true but why? Astrophotographers  and in general Astrolovers are all very kind people that are always happy to share so why can’t we find a mutual friend for those nights when its either too cold or cold and long. Some of us are even Canadian! We all know how to make and fill up a thermos of coffee or don’t we? So why not  to reach out and share the fun of those night with someone in near geographic location, who understand it similarly and feels the same? I say there is a need for matchmaker web site in this regard and I’m sure if someone puts a hand in, success is all to follow.
So why do you used a very fast, great glass for something that is so bright? May can not be the answer, may be trying to disproof that bad omen of #13!! 
LOL & Loved the last part and tell me if anyone hasn’t heard it before? At least in multiple occasions happened to me, from my wife but never with such a good tone and smile as shown with yours! Dark cloudless nights to all.

Martin Leon says:

Excellent video and delighted of your others I see them a lot again and again and I appreciate all your teachings. I would like to make a leap forward in the upgrading of my Vixen ED115S refractor telescope. I would like to ask you what would be your preference in terms of construction quality, optical precision and technical service of the refractors that you have shown such as: SkyWatcher Espirit 100, Williams Optics 132 FLT and Explore Scientific 140 FLP-53
Thank you so much!

Pacific Skies Astro says:

Great video!

Benjamin Allen says:

What is the focal length

richardperth2002 says:

could you take photos of the moon serface and landers

Little PAW 1969 says:

Oh, this is the new one…it looks exactly like the old one. LOL! Good video.

Joao Rocha says:

I just watched this video because you showed such a surprise expression in the thumbnail, with the mouth open and all, i just couldn’t help it. Please don’t do it again, as i can’t fight against that compelling stuff. It’s just overpowering. Must.. control… mind…

WAXER 12G says:

Great look at the cluster with the slow zoom. I don’t know what is your city, but it makes you wonder about a true dark zone site…. Great that you appreciate what a lucky dog you are to live in a technological age. Enjoy the back yard, Astro.

CrossoverManiac says:

AstroBackyard: My HUGE Astrophotography Telescope

Dob owners: Cute little guidescope you got there, but where’s the huge astrophotography telescope? 😉

Eugenio Calandrini says:

I really like your channel! Have you ever tried to use a reflector telescope?

Its Cabig says:

I like to eat midgets with my telescope

Robert Jensen says:

Would have loved to see you try that scope on planetary subjects.

Debra J. Cherif says:

OMG Huge!
You happen to have an old oned collecting dust in a closet somewhere you mightg want to donate to me as a beginner?

Pete Shields says:

Love your content man, just getting into astro photography so your giving me a lot of great info 🙂

Lars Steinert says:

Please Bring back Skyrim music and your old introduction

Free Speech says:

oh shit its 7000dollar USD. I think when you make video choose colorful target and provide exceptional image at end. That way the telescope seems worth it.

flyalaz says:

Hey Trevor, your videos just keep getting better and better. Your passion to pass on the wonders of the universe is great. I can’t wait to have the free time to start using all of my new stuff. Kudos my friend.

Tesla Nick says:

Wow, nice setup and great results.

Ken Paul says:

Cool! 🙂

Baton Forerunner says:

Alguien que ponga subtitulo en español !

Jeremy Rundle says:

TERRIBLE video, stopped watching, STOP cutting from shot to shot to shot

Mattia Zocchi says:

Hello, I’ve been follow your channel since 1 year, starting because I love astronomy and your beautiful videos keeps me pushing my dream. Have my astrophotography setup completed and studying more about this spectacular hobby.
I have now: Heq5 pro synscan with a triplet airy apo 90T and a 70/500 as a guiding scope (not so great :P) a Nikon d5100 (lookin for something better) and looking for a guide camera.
I admit, astrophotography, at the beginning, can be very frustrating. keep up the great work and have clear skies (sorry my english is not so great :P)

Solar Wind says:

Nice cannon!

InRealityWeTrust says:

Thank you, Can not do 6K . Like your Videos. We do have some wasted nights but one good night makes it all worth it.

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