Meade 70mm Quadruplet ED APO Astrograph Review

Astrophotography Telescope Review: Meade 70mm Quadruplet APO

In this video, I take a look at a new apochromatic imaging refractor from Meade.

Full Review:

This telescope boasts a quadruplet lens system design that does not require a field-flattner for astrophotography.

Smaller equatorial telescope mounts such as the Celestron Advanced VX will have no problem tracking your astrophotos with the Meade Quadruplet on top.

The Meade 70mm f/5 Quadruplet ED is proof that you do not need a large, heavy telescope to produce incredible astrophotos.

Stay tuned to the end of the video for example images taken using a DSLR camera from my backyard.

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Graham B says:

Hi Trevor. Regarding the Starwave guidescope, did you need to use the 5mm extension tube that comes with the gpcam2 to achieve correct back-focus or did the cam simply fit into the 1.25” eyepiece?

NikonJax says:

Trevor, I enjoy your reviews. I think you are up front about the items and I get to see them in use and see the results of your efforts. Works for me 🙂

Gabe Sewell says:

My heart broke when I saw the price… lovely telescope and review Trevor

Prashant Krishnan says:

Would you use you ioptron skyguider pro mount with this telescope. The one you used on the WO 61.

KillTheIrishman says:

I don’t comment much but love your Videos have help me out a lot in getting started and in finding Objects to photograph, wondering 2 things if you see this comment. 1st would you be able to recommend some Barlow lens / review, 2nd and this might add a bit of work load to your channel but would you be interested in doing a ” Images to chase ” serious where you do what your looking to get each month. Thanks again and keep up all the good work, p.s I really do appreciate the work you do.

Michael Cannizzo says:

Is this the same as the William Optics WO Star 71 APO? Other than the WO claiming to be f/4.9 the tooling and everything looks the same and wondering if the Meade and WO went to the same manufacturer and just branded different

Adam Viklund says:

I’m very interested in purchasing a small telescope, so these reviews are extremely beneficial. Thank you for making them!

J J says:

You didn’t tell how good it is or do a comparison ; so this is not a review. sorry to say; it looks like an advertisment

123 says:

What’s that guitar doing in the background? 🙂
Show us a little playing on it! 🙂

Harvey Holloway says:

70 mm is a bit small isn’t it. I have a 130mm and find it less than the 8 inch I used to have.

Turbo Timmy says:

Very cool. Will you do a review on the 60mm altair starwave guidescope or is it too similar to your 50mm starwave? If not, how do you like the 60mm? I’m in the market for a guidescope.

Connar Comstock says:

I don’t even take pictures of things on my phone and this guy somehow makes this hobby fascinating. That’s probably the highest praise I can lay on someone about something. This vid doesn’t seem like a commercial, you do you man, I dig this channel.

Eddie CJ says:

I know you’re not doing commercials, I’ve done a review of my Lunt LS60 pressure tuned solar scope, love it to death, but some accused me of working for Lunt. There’s always the few idiots who don’t believe we can be happy with our gear.

Frédérick Beaupré says:

Thanks for this review!

Paolo Portillo says:

Trev, Im interested in selling my SWED80 (with the flattener)for this one.. But tell me. How would a 48mm filter be attached to the quad with a dslr? In my SW the filter is threaded to a FLO adapter which slides in the focus tube and doesn’t bear the torque being exerted by the camera. Will the filter be threaded in between the scope and camera for this setup?

ndpitch says:

Always been curious about the Meade APOs. Nice review! Seems like they compete well.

Would be cool to see how a Meade quad compares in image quality to something considered super high end, but with similar specifications, like the Tak FSQ 85.

Netty Voyager says:

nice colour

Walter Wilmoth says:

They are jealous cause they can’t review it haha. keep it coming brother

Joel Spencer says:

Don’t really understand the commercial comments… he did go through the pros and cons of it already anyway – the negatives being the time to set it up and that it requires more calibration time than a smaller scope etc. not only that but he says he can’t wait to get using it more over the coming weeks etc. to realize it’s full potential etc.. its obvious a scope of this price is going to produce amazing photos anyway, it’s also obvious that it’s very heavy… not much more to say really! it’s also not like most of the AP market are going to be able to afford one anyway.

Wade Smith says:

Keep the videos coming! You’ve taught me everything I know about astrophotography and have been a true inspiration to many others. I recently moved back to the East Coast and look forward to getting back into imaging soon! Thx again!

Pete V says:

How does it compare to thr ES102?

Dean Hallberg says:

Just getting started. I feel you truly want to share your knowledge and insights. Thank you and keep it up!

doramason says:

more like an infomercial but keep em comin 🙂

Tony Gonzalez says:

can you use this scope for visual observation too?

Francesco Prochilo says:

Have you tested the Celestron C8? 🙂

Manos F says:

You should keep ignoring comments talking about commercials etc. These videos have been really helpful and are always a pleasure to watch. I believe that most people trust and value your opinion, so thanks for doing these videos, Trevor!

Steven Jurick says:

Helped me. Considering this or the WO Zenithstar 61. I have a Panasonic GH-5 that I use for my current photography. Are there T-adapters for MFT cameras to bolt on these scopes?

Andrew Chessum says:

Hi Trevor. I’d like to second the comment below. Ignore the complaints about commercials. You make it plain that you have been lent the scope and your connection to Ontario Telescope is no secret. It’s great to hear your opinion.
BTW, I bought the Zenithstar 61 following your review. I’d be grateful if you would consider making a video for newbies like me on how to go about setting up a shoot and how best to capture the data on a small DSLR setup.
Oh, and since I got the scope a month ago there hasn’t been a single clear night here in southern Germany:–(.

NeAr1986 says:

Good looking, Interesting aperture and focal lenght, the price is a bit high even for a quadruplet 🙁

Ishikawa Frank says:

Really enjoy your videos of equipment …but you really don’t do a Pros/Cons type of review. Or recommend for beginners, intermediate or advance users. This might be why the videos feel like commercial. Please keep up the great work. Thank you.

ReGina RN says:

Thank you, excellent review!

canonguy1 says:

Very helpful … thanks for reviewing…

Graph Guy says:

As usual, the go to YouTube channel for everything astro backyard! -Thanks!

Charriu83 says:

Nice little telescope and with an APS–C sensor a lot of field.

Bramish EU says:

Love it, just outside my budget tho

M N says:

Hey Trevor, love you videos! Wanting to get into astrophotography, so far have done some simple widefield with a Canon 1300d and a tripod. I’m thinking of getting a Star Adventurer, and using DSS to stack. How is DSS virus free?

Douglas Hardy says:

Any comment regarding the focuser on this telescope vs the focuser on the Z61 which looks realy neet.

Rashad Ujaimi says:

Looking for more videos on testing this scope , Thank you for sharing

JohnnyK says:

What kind of camera is better to use? Crop or full frame?

Garnett Leary says:

This is your best review Trevor. Meade is an outstanding company. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

Conor’s Astronomy says:

Amazing video. All of your videos inspire me I loved doing the #astrobackyardchallenge it was amazing

Ron Kramer says:

I would have rather had that than my SV80 (which I do love). I wonder – I paid a lot extra for the feather touch focuser on mine. Then had to buy the FT motor to control it. I wonder if the FT motor would go directly on this scope? The FT focuser added about 700 to my SV80 when I ordered it. This has a very attractive price and a little wider view and no need for a focal reducer to flatten the field. A SUPER NICE OPTION.

Pyro Xiz says:

East or West..! Trevor Is The Best!

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