Meade 209006 Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope

This is my new and upgraded Meade 209006 Infinity AZ Refractor Telescope

I purchased this Meade 102mm telescope Tuesday 07, June 2016 and it came well packaged, all items intact and am fully satisfied with what I received. It took me less than 10mins to setup and have it ready for use for first light. I also got the Red Dot viewfinder set into the Telescope and did my adjustments, focusing the telescope on an object a few miles away. It took me about 5mins or less to get the Red Dot viewfinder perfectly aligned. I then looked at Saturn to see if the Red Dot viewfinder was perfectly aligned and all was OK.
I then took out my Meade 90mm Telescope to compare the difference in viewing, using on both of them the same eyepieces. I selected the 26mm eyepieces, seeing I now have 2 eyepieces of the same from both telescopes.
I placed both telescopes side by side and set it upon Saturn. I elected Saturn seeing its the smallest and easily seen planet at the moment, that way I can actually see how well both will display Saturn. Looking at Saturn from both telescopes have shown me quite a difference.
Lets consider the 90mm; when you look at Saturn you definitely see it but much smaller and can make out the ring around Saturn but not the Cassini band and i.e. bare in mind using the 26mm eyepiece.
Looking through the 102mm using the same 26mm eyepiece at Saturn brings the planet a little closer to your eyes and have a clearer and brighter view also you have a very marginal wider field of view but not much to make a fair comparison with the 90mm. I did not see the Cassini band using the 26mm eyepiece on the 102mm Telescope.

The next day I took them out and decided to look at a communication tower located several miles away in the horizon and when I looked through using the same 26mm eyepieces you definitely have a much closer and detailed view of the top of the tower with the 102mm telescope. Whereas the 90mm you have a clear view but its seeing the tower a little further away and don’t see too much details but just barely.
In summing up I’d say that the Meade 102mm is much brighter and better viewing enjoyment than the Meade 90mm. All in all I still love both Telescopes but a friend of mine came by and saw the 90mm and asked me to buy it and I sold it. So now I have only the Meade 102mm which I’m enjoying very much.


zheng yuanhuan says:

Hi Errol, just a quick check with you, is the dew shield removable and what is the length of the OTA without the dew shield?

michael kezelevich says:

Hey brother, just picked up one of these myself and am pleasantly surprised at it’s capabilities right out of the box. I was reading all the comments about your upgrades to this telescope and they sound wonderful. I myself will be modifying it, will be fun to do. Needed a hobby, lol, I also have a pdf review from “Cloudynights” on this scope that has great advice. It is inspiring to take an entry level scope(this one being well made and a bit better than the normal beginners scope) and working on it to upgrade it. Your modifications sound awesome, you can be sure I’ll be asking you some questions in the future. This is a nice scope out of the box(Definitely recommended!) and anyone would be surprised by this scopes ability to see objects in the distance. Have you done any new modifications not listed below yet? I’d be interested to know. Peace my friend…

K Kane says:

How did you set this fucking thing up? The video instructions are garbage

michael kezelevich says:

Hi Errol with the extension tube, can you place the Barlow directly into it, instead of using it on the diagonal?

Котик says:

мало дела, много пустоты..

tobit100 says:

Hi Errol:  I am thinking of buying this telescope would you recommend it?  Also are the eyepieces 1.25?   Thank you.

jbs68 says:

hi Errol, i am seriously thinking about purchasing this telescope; was it easy to assemble, and are you happy with its performance?

sky_akka TKD says:

hey errol were you able to get a clear focus on the moon?, I’m having trouble doing it, i see the moon but is blurred so i started playing with it but can’t get it, i can focus on other things but the moon. any advice ? thank you …

tobit100 says:

Hi Errol:  Will the Meade series 4000 and 3200 filter set; fit on the eyepieces that come with the telescope?

Jessie Young says:

Hi thanks so much for your videos! I just got the Meade infinity 102. I was playing around with it tonight and found the altitude up down movement is quite stiff and difficult to move. Did it loosen up for you over time?

Curtis Reynolds says:

1. Is the focuser metal or plastic?

2. Will the focuser support a full frame DSLR camera?

3. Is the focuser 1.25″ or 2″, or 2″ with a removable 1.25″ adapter insert?


Jessie Young says:

Hi I have been testing my new Meade infinity 102mm. I have noticed I can’t get the stars focused into pinpoints. When focused the best I could, each star looked like there were 2 points of light very close beside each other but still connected so it looks like a small dash. Have you had this with your telescope? Is that to be expected from this beginner telescope or is there something wrong with my telescope?

tobit100 says:

Hi Errol: I am finally getting the telescope. Looking forward to it. One question, does the motion control knobs work in both directions?

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