Let’s Talk Astrophotography Telescopes (Small Refractors)

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the latest AstroBackyard Podcast.

Steve Mallia and I discuss using small refractor telescopes for astrophotography and visual observing. I share some of my thoughts on the APO refractors I have used in the past including:

• Explore Scientific ED80
• William Optics Zenithstar 61
• Meade 70mm ED APO Astrograph

My Top 5 Choices: https://astrobackyard.com/beginner-astrophotography-telescope/

I also talk a little bit about the advantages and disadvantages of using a camera lens in place of a telescope.

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Funleak says:

I want to start deep sky astrophotography…..does scientific explorer 102 CF is good ..??

Ian Smith says:

thanks for the video.

Could you possibly provide a review of a typical reflector astrograph? They are less portable but gather much more light than the smaller refractors leading to reduced exposure time or greater deep sky capabilities. And there’s a chance I might be able to afford one! Perhaps something in the 8″ to 12″ range? (I’ve just acquired a used NEQ6)

pipe-organ says:

Thanks for the Book Turn Right at Orion. Do you have an reviews of 100mm APO and their portability? I am looking at stellarvue. Are these super amazing top quality? Thx

ReGina RN says:

Thank you, I love your videos!

Gary Crumrine says:

Can you describe the difference between narro band and wide band, and describe the term triplet? Lastly I am confused by the “F” ratings.

WeHaveSomuchHeart says:

Once I pay off my student loans, I’m getting into Astrophotography

Garnett Leary says:

Clear Skies Trevor

Garnett Leary says:

To add to your thoughts on telephoto vs telescope it’s important to mention aperture. The clear aperture of a telescope is typically much larger than that of a camera lens and will resolve more detail.

John Wojcik says:

Shouldn’t you be drinking Tim Hortons coffee?

Graham B says:

I hadn’t realised you were doing podcasts, I’ll be sure to check them out!

micquebec says:

Thanks for the podcast. It’s a pleasure hearing you talk no nonsense astrophotography! Cheers from light polluted Montreal!

TheXpertGuy says:

Please make a video showing all your images of 2017 when it comes to an end. It would be awesome to view all at once.

weirdojax says:

thanks for the video.how is the CA in the doublet ed?better the triplet?

Sean M says:

I gotta tell you that this week I put my GT71 from Williams on my mount and was BLOWN away by its performance and ability to hold focus all night. Guiding was the best I have ever seen. All this huge equipment I have been using and this little gem was sitting right there. Not only was everything easier by a factor of five but the images it produced of the Rosette were gorgeous

Gabe Sewell says:

perfect, was looking for some audio to relax to this evening. I should really start listening to your podcasts!

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