I have some EXCITING news

In this video I share the latest astrophotography telescope I will be reviewing later this month and in early 2018.

The William Optics FLT132 is a triplet apochromatic refractor designed for high-quality deep-sky astrophotography. I will be mounting the massive Flouro Star to the iOptron CEM60 in the coming months.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me!


Lucas Maizeray says:

So cool ! 😀

flyalaz says:

Cool tool you lucky guy. And congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

Polymath says:

Congratulations! 🙂

Ravi Chitwan Tiwari says:

Hello from Belfast, UK. Hearty Congratulations on Wedding mate!

alenpo46 says:

Beautifull scope! Could you also try some planetary astroimaging with WO FLT132? It would be intresting to see how it performs in that area. Maybe you can test some 4X barlow or powermate with flt132?

human nature says:

Congratulations,i can see and owned in dream only like this telescope

Netty Voyager says:

that is not a skywatcher mount you stuck that scope on is that an ioptron center balance mount what is your idea on that then or was that a prequel to a new review you haven’t done yet ?

Hinaio says:

congratulations on the marriage! Can’t wait to see what you have to give this year 😀

Stewart Beveridge says:

I would like to add one to my collection

Marco Antonio Torres says:

I’m new to this. What types of celestial objects should I take pics of? (Besides stars, meteors, planets, nebulas, the Moon or the Milky Way) Oh, and congrats!


AstroBackyard, what camera do you use to record your video and audio? Cheers

Notts boy24 says:

Absolutely Fantastic! Nice telescope 🙂


As soon as I saw the William Optics logo, clicked the like button.

Andromeda M31 says:

Maybe you mean to say this scope would perform well on deep sky objects due to its large aperture, since refractors are inherently great performers on planetary even in much smaller sizes, my 90mm triplet Apo is a planet killer as are almost any sized good quality refractor. I would love to compare that to my 150 maksutov cassegrain on planetary, the refractor no doubt will be more contrasty with no central obstruction course but as for detail it may be pretty close!. Major congratulations on your wedding day!!

Tony Granbäck says:

And the price tag? $$$$$$$$$$

Dariusz Scharsig says:

Was wondering when this wonderful dude is going to be snatched up. Well played Ash, well played 😉

Ron Kramer says:

ASTRO PORN. OMG – beautiful. Congrats on your marriage. The mail must have lost my invite! When you start to get into this. Please show everything from balance on… I noticed you were weight heavy. (is that final balance?) I’m still having some guiding issues and I’ve read “weight heavy – slightly” and well how much is slightly? You seemed pretty weight heavy but maybe did not do a final balance. After all you need to add a camera etc. But please include entire setup no matter how basic. I’m self taught over the past 7 months and I crammed and I wonder what did I mis? or get mis-informed? = )

edstud1 says:

That could be my next telescope! If you drop it you buy it?

Shane Kadlecik says:


Joseph Palumbo says:

Now that’s a serious mount the way it swung back and forth like a pendulum. I bet you could blow on it and it would start swaying back and forth. Gotta have it. I’m thinking about $75/ $100 bucks?

Tomas says:

what is the focal length?

Balen Mars says:

you should’ve bought a mount first! which is the most important part!

A.Lathif Masood says:

Heartiest congratulations to you both on the wedding!
Would live to know how this William Optics compares with the Teleview!

A C says:

Wow! I have the William Optics GTF81 and I love it.

Yaniv Rozenbloom says:

Mazal Tov Chip. Congratulations on the wedding

C rus says:

UNBOXINIIIGGG!!!! oh boy.. oh boy 🙂

Jose Antonio Cueto Linares says:

Felicidades por el matrimonio.
Un saludo desde Alicante, España.
Magnífico refractor!!!!

Carrie Christiansen says:

That is an awesome beast!

Bill Haley Rock says:

unfortunately, the willam have a very large spread in their optics, which should not be with the price. from very good to very bad.I hope you got a very good one.In Germany, the part costs 12.158 €.that’s a lot of money

Steve Marquez says:

I was looking at the Zenith Star 103mm Apo for starting astrophotography but I noticed the 102mm grand Turismo model. Now I’m stuck lol

Daniel Frederikson says:

Your a very calm person. Can’t get enough of your videos. Have I got your bug or what! Deciding on a ‘starter scope’ and if your bug hits me hard I’ll upgrade while still being able to learn on the smaller scope. Thank you very much for all your advice. Wonderfull vids bud.
Danfred from New Zealand.
I still think saying this is corny, but… Clear Sky’s!

Paa Hawkins says:

You cant put any guidescopes or accessories on it. No place for mounting brackets. They charge too much to not have these by now on these refractors. It’s ridiculous.

Bas Finnis says:

Looks great. Sadly I’m in London so it’s mental light pollution. Enjoy your telescope 🙂

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