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Grab-and-go day and night refractor telescope and lightweight aluminum tripod for beginning stargazers and families on the go.

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The whole family can still enjoy sharp daytime terrestrial views and night sky observations while on the road, and save storage space in the car by bringing along the pleasantly portable Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope. It’s a versatile 70mm-aperture refractor telescope designed to pack up and go whenever you hit the road, the trail, or even the air. The GoScope III’s custom backpack and small stature makes portable stargazing and daytime spotting a convenient reality, without compromising quality.

The affordable Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope features a 70mm achromatic lens system for sharp images of distant subjects. The entire refractor telescope setup and all included accessories fit in the custom-designed backpack carry case, making the GoScope III an ideal grab-and-go refractor. Its light weight of just 4.25 lbs. makes it easy to take the telescope anywhere. It excels for daytime birding, nature study, and scenic long-distance viewing, and can also take you on visual adventures beyond the Earth’s horizon after sunset for some casual nighttime stargazing and Moon-watching. The included compact tripod can be adjusted to hold the GoScope III refractor optical tube as low as 17.75″ up to a 43.5″ maximum height when the tripod legs are fully extended. For taller stargazers, the lightweight GoScope III can easily be placed on a table or other raised surface for comfortable use.

The GoScope II 70mm includes two anti-reflection coated 1.25″ Kellner eyepieces to provide two different magnifcation options right out of the box. The included 20mm eyepiece provides a 20-power image, and a shorter 9mm focal length eyepiece that yields more powerful 44x views. Using both eyepieces is a great way to learn about magnification, and helps you enjoy interesting sights in the sky. Beginners can start observing with the lower-power eyepiece to scan the skies easily, and then boost power up to 44x with the 9mm eyepiece for closer looks.

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IBG says:

I have a question for you on your setup videos but i think you’ve answered that. I now see that it can be used as a tabel top telescope not only that it has a function where i can raise the hight. Great video as usal. Keep the good work up i really enjoy watching your videos and ill be buy this telescope later this next week.

Thanks you

Munky332 says:

Can you give a breakdown of the different “types” of eye pieces? some of them are self explanatory, ie a barlow or zoom, but whats the difference and pro’s/con’s of a kellner vs plossl? what other types are there, and why would I be interested?

IBG says:

Yeess thank youu for making this video

Shovon Raheek says:

how much this telescope?

Fr0zenFire27 says:

Can you see nearby galaxies with this telescope? What other things can you see in deep space with this?

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