How to clean a Refracting telescope

Here’s a video guide to show how to clean the optical objective lenses on Refractors of all types including Achromats. Here I show you my method of cleaning them safely without damaging the delicate coatings. Here there many methods out there on the internet, but this my approach!! Please enjoy the video and please subscribe onto my channel and support us at A4B!


beatofthehearts says:

great detailed information for someone just starting out in astronomy thanks

James Dougan says:

you can make a silicone bead /desiccant container out of a old 35mm film canister fits a 1.25 barrel perfect just drill a few holes in the the base and fill it with beads and stick it in the visual back/ eyepiece hole when in storage or not in use change out the beads every couple of months or when they change color i got the film containers from china on ebay for $3 AU for 10 of them and i got the beads also on ebay $20 AU for 500 grams /1/2 a kilo enough for years of use …get the rechargeable ones and you will never have to buy the beads ever again
james D

SovsBorg says:

Much appreciated! !!

skyprop says:

Yea I got a Celestron Nexstar 80GT. 80X400 mm Refractor looks just like that. I’m keeping this video for cleaning reference. THANKS!

eclouston says:

Dude you have such great information ..I just wish you could pick up the pace about 15 minutes of info in an hour is a struggle.

skyprop says:

22:33 try using the “Blow Brush” as a “Vacuum brush” see if that helps any better.

Ernest Joyner says:

haha i always clean my lens in the car !! WTF is with the blow dryer are yyou fucking stupid ????

r sk says:

too long winded..

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