How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Refracting Telescopes

A refracting telescope is the most common kind of telescope. Discover the difference between refracting and reflecting telescopes in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson.

Expert: Jesse Sturgeon
Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy.
Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow


KWalzar says:

@4illegalalien Depending on where you live, you could even see out of the Milky Way without a telescope! If you can get to very dark skies – far away from city lights – you can see the Andromeda Galaxy which is over 2 million light years away. Try it w/ binoculars, too. In the southern hemisphere you may see the Small and Large Magellanic clouds which are satellite galaxies to the Milky Way. A great program to try is Stellarium. It is free and it will show you what you can see in the night sky.

ronlovesit says:

do u have google solar system? like google earth? NO so go get one good telescope.

YonOtto says:

@slowassgsr Get laid : 3

Molhedim says:

hi , what telescope can you recomand for the price of 250 euros? i want one to see the planets.

carlcat says:

@BionicleStudios347 The amount of power is no indication of how well a scope is color corrected. Assuming you have a refractor, look at the front of the lense, if it’s an APO or ED it should say so and you know you have a scope that is well corrected for color. If it says Achromat, then your scope is not color corrected unless you have an f ration of 12 or better. Not to worry tho, the guy in the video said you’ll get false color, that’s only in terms of the edges of bright objects. Ie fringing

eddienash11 says:

I am looking to buy a telescope. and have around 50-100 to spend. Anyone have any suggestions ?? Thanks

Shi Xian says:

I wan to get wan… try to look out from earth!

Timisso1337 says:

@YonOtto lol, so funny.

ablazm says:



Soundwave1 says:

I have a 2in eye piece and 2in light pollution filter. The light pollution filter doesn’t tread on to the 2in eyepiece BUT treads on to the star diagonal can I get the same results on the diagonal instead of the eyepiece?

Chakdegirl says:

@YonOtto what a ‘well mannered” kid….

Miguel Carrasco, Jr says:

@whitbyjet65 in that case i saw a really handy telescope with enough strength to do that for cheap at Ross lol

Sédrick Boily says:

enjoy fame!

Amit Sharma says:

can u exchange that telescope to my magnifying glass pls reply me soon i am wating for your answer

Gavin Kwok says:

can u really look out of the milky way ?

YonOtto says:

@afgmuscl3 Another faggot : D

Hi! I didnt ask for the fucking scope silly boy! XD like I said in a previous message to one of the nubz on here, my mum is a super generous person, aswel as I am to her soooo YEY! happy family’s! sorry yur family cant be like that, prolly disowned you wen they realised yud be flipping burgers al yur life : 3

Anyway! thankyou for your comment : ) stay in skool, yul need it.

joe alcott says:

we use ours in the middle of Manhattan!

Eliace A says:

@YonOtto Coming from the 24 year old who still has his mum buy him something. He’s right about people not having parents and not getting anything. You need to grow up.

Miles Jourdain says:

awesome I have a great telescope it has a big scope about 8 inchs my favorite object to look at is saturn still have not seen or found jupiter.I thing it comes out in the late summer not to sure

YonOtto says:

ROFL, the troll still workin 😀

el guy says:

i’d by a telescope from this man

nnystikai Gakushū says:

@YonOtto lolz

Back 4 More says:

Strait to the point Thank you!

Georgina Lasker says:

Thank you : )

eddienash11 says:

I am looking to buy a telescope. and have around 50-100 to spend. Anyone have any suggestions ??

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