Explore Scientific ED102CF Review

The Explore Scientific ED102CF telescope brings a nice balance of weight and light gathering power. This is a modest, 102mm air-spaced triplet refractor that will deliver excellent color correction for visual use or astrophotography. The refracting telescope design is well known to provide contrast and detail when observing the night sky and this telescope is no different.

The carbon fiber body keeps the weight of this telescope down to just 7 pounds! The low weight makes it easy to transport, and secure on your mount.

Will a 102mm telescope show you the entire night sky? No. It isn’t realistic to think that this telescope will gather the light of larger telescopes. However, without a secondary mirror and the triplet design, the views across the night sky are crisp and sharp.

The telescope has the potential of producing excellent astro-images in experienced hands. With a 714mm focal length it frames objects nicely in a DSLR. Many astrophotgraphers use a 0.8x reducer and a CCD camera to produce amazing photographs.

The telescope includes a 2″ 90° carbon fiber di-electric coated star diagonal. The diagonal includes a 1.25″ eyepiece adapter and uses compression rings to secure eyepieces, which doesn’t scratch or mar them. In addition the diagonal has a 99% reflection rating, and is built with exceptional quality.

With moderate light gathering power the Explore Scientific ED102CF is a really portable, lightweight and efficient telescope for use on the go, or in the backyard.


Gregory Heath says:

I have never had a refractor. I have a 10″ and 16″ dob, How are Refractors visually ?

TimTools99 says:

Thanks. Very good review.

John Doe says:

Perfect grab and go scope.

Tony Gonzalez says:

The “diagonal” it’s not carbon fiber, it’s aluminum body with the side cover made of carbon fiber

U R NOT ME says:

You also have an 80mm version.  why is that?

Paul T says:

Looking forward to seeing some of the images you take with this beauty! Clear skies. 🙂

Esteban Valdiviezo says:

Great review as usual my friend, and greetings all the way from Ecuador. Tough question, if you were to pick between the ED102CF Refractor and the David H. Levy Comet Hunter which one would you choose, I am trying to make up my mind between those two, hearing your insight will be most helpful man, thanks and keep posting great videos 🙂

lcxt9 says:

Have a aluminum tube 102ed ordered.

Timothy O'Connor says:

do you need a field flattener for AP?

knarfster says:

How much difference between the FD1 and FD100 glass in your opinion?

Cesar Gonzalez says:

Good review man

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