Explore Scientific ED102 Unboxing and Assembly

In this episode, I will be unboxing my brand new Explore Scientific ED 102 as part of my series in my quest to put together my beginner astrophotography gear. In my previous video, I unboxed a Celestron Advanced VX mount: https://youtu.be/brOGKSziPFs

My first impression is that this telescope looks very impressive in build quality. The fit and finish looks well made.

Get it from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gYPGrs


usrvprogram says:

Hey there, new subscriber here. I’m thinking of buying this scope, can you do a follow up on how it’s been using it?

Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer says:

Good choice!

knarfster says:

If you went with the Explore Scientific scope, why on earth did you go with an AVX instead of the Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT with PMC-Eight, which has belt drive?

Steven Ward says:

Thanks for this. I was considering a 165mm APO by the same company. This looks great for photography.

Tony Gonzalez says:

great video. how about making one to review the eyepieces you have from ES, I see you have a 2inch eyepiece

Marcelo Alves says:

I bought ES 102mm ED last week but I’ll only receive in January or February. My aunt will bring it when she was visiting Brasil. I will use 102 for astrophotograph. Will be my first experience with refractor. Congratulations! Good video!

Michał Łukasiak says:

Robi wrażenie. Jesteś zadowolony?

Amacdo says:

Welcome back Michael

Maks Klimin says:

Congratulation! It looks great. I think this telescope is good choice for astro-photography =)

Paa Hawkins says:

I would’ve went with the Edge over this. Would serve as both DSO and planetary. If I’m going straight DSO, I’ll take my ES 127 carbon Fiber all day.

Wesley Pronovost says:

Congrats on the scope! I’m putting together my first AP setup and so far it is identical to yours ; )

Ps. Can you post a video with some pics through the scope?

David Upton says:

Congratulations! I bought the same scope and am happy with it. I eventually upgraded the focuser to a 2″ Moonlight with motorized focus. A wonderful upgrade if you should ever consider it. Rock solid.

Armando Vela says:

Awesome scope!

Ahmed Mohamed says:

Congrats for the gear, you’ve made an excellent choice for a refractor over the SCT, the SCT might lure you with their aperture but the long focal length means smaller FOV and that puts most the DSOs out of the game, besides the large F-ratio wll need longer exposers and complex guiding ( unless with a reducer or HyperStar for celestron which is more money) so this wield field APO will deliver staggering results and maybe when you get more experience you can switch to an SCT or an RC.
Good luck and can’t wait for the other gear and for you to start taking shots. Clear Skies 🙂

Bob Skidmore says:

Hi Michael and thank you for your wonderful videos. Have you done anything in relation to installing and aligning the celestron Polarfinder scope on the AVX mount, or using the Celestron Starsense?

Juan Luna says:

Why explore it’s so expensive???

Amacdo says:

Dont forget to share your experience after using this telescope Michael 😀

Robert Bowen says:

Can’t beat a good refractor for imaging. A 102 is a very capable scope. Very crisp, aboration free views/images. Almost maintainance free. The size makes it easy to transport. No central obstruction, no culminating.

david zdrojewski says:

i liked your presentation
flourite glass has a compensatory index of refraction to bring the high end of light spectrum closer to red-yellow to give a closer total focal point for the visible spectrum
looks great..hope it works as good s it looks
dave z

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