DSLR Astrophotography with a GIANT Refractor Telescope

In this video, I try out the William Optics FLT 132 telescope for some deep sky astrophotography in the backyard. It was an extremely cold night in Canada as the temperature dropped to -17C!

I used my Canon DSLR camera to capture the glorious Orion Nebula through this giant refractor. Be sure to stick around for the image at the end!

Buy the William Optics Fluorostar 132: http://www.ontariotelescope.com/product.asp?itemid=1400&Affid=2

Orion Nebula Using the Fluorostar 132: https://astrobackyard.com/orion-nebula-fluorostar-132/


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Outnash says:

Awsome!!! Do you think the quality of Image improves, if you use full frame high megapixel camera like mark IV ?

JohnPaul Sein says:

Im a recent subscriber and i have to say that your videos and approach are amazing to my newbie eyes!! lol i have a 70mm celestron travel scope and i have had it for about a month and im already thinking of starting to save up for my next telescope… i would like to get a scope that i can do casual and astro phtography with in the long run… do you have any decent reccommendations for under $1000? or is that too low? is there a forum that you could possibly point me to to help me start my path in astrophotography? or a facebook page?

AZ Frank says:

Thanks for everything you have done and look forward to viewing more wonderful videos in 2018.

123 says:

Gonna be a Great 10 minutes…

Too Shmart says:

Chemtrail planes have been out in Virginia all this month, especially on clear days after a storm, all you see is tic tac toe in the sky at dawn, leading to a layer of clouds that hang around all night, im honestly not a conspiracy nut, but it is frustrating when mother nature gives you a clear sky and man takes it away.

Jim Blackwell says:

And an incredible image of M 42!

Chris 570 says:

Trevor you comming to Cherry Springs this year?

Alexander Voit says:

Hello Sir. Can you tell me your full equipment in this video . Include camera , mounts , filters . I already want to buy this camera and telescope. Very good quality and price . Thank you for this video. I just want to know what do you recommend

jualbar1 says:

hola amigo muy bueno es 132, pero seria mejor cun una ccd monocroma. ya que el sensor le dedica el 99 x 100 a cada canal y asi obtiene un 33 nada mas por eso ..saludos

Bruce Sees all says:

HELLO FROM CANADA BRO…great channel.

powpowpow says:

Your videos are quite relaxing to watch 🙂

Charles Bickel says:

I have a Nikon D3400. Do you know where I can get that filter for my camera.


Remember this message my friend you will have 100k subs for sure in the next years…
(Awesome work ! to bad I live in a city)

alisa andra says:

i realy love you man txs

Heidi says:

Hello from snowy Stratford…awesome video Trevor!

shaunsprogress says:

Have you not looked into setting everything up on a trolley, so you can just wheel it out, all set up and balanced, to a marked place on the patio, and everything is ready to go? With the garage there it would work really well. You’d be ready in under a minute!

pipe-organ says:

Hi could you please suggest a good video on the planetary astrophotography with refractors that are about 100mm APOS. Thx

Kevin Dickinson says:

Wow a beautiful image of the Orion Nebula !! Great video- I would love to learn astrophotography with a scope….the post processing looks daunting however. Have you done any vlogs on this?

I.iN.T.J - says:

I’m an Aussie , so minus 17 does not compute . It’s 41 – 42 here lately . Rather than frost on the mirror being a problem , it’s bugs of all description with us …..and dust .

Jim Blackwell says:

That is one beautiful scope

In the Doghouse says:

Another awesome video ! Thanks so much for sharing. All the best for 2018 !!!

theone2225 says:

Awesome work Trevor! Love the channel and you always seem to deliver with the images! Hopefully 1 day I can capture what you capture!!

the German Printing Nerd says:

I would like to see a close-up photo from where apollo 11 and all Landing and all the stuff left there

Fusion Music - Steve Wright says:

Thanks for all your videos. I think you are spot on regarding blending shorter exposures for the blown out areas. It was a great point you made re – cold nights when you are tired – take an easier object / kit choice. When you are tired, you can’t keep warm, so it adds to frustration. That is a mighty beautiful optic and wonderful results.

Joshua White says:

What about Darks, Flats, and Bias, how many did you use of each? I’m just starting out so I could use all the information I can get.

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