Cheap small telescopes are no joke!

I LOVE astronomy. I started out with a small cheap refractor when I was young. I moved on to reflectors and large models. Then, one day when we were moving, my eldest son who was 5 at the time, fell upon it before I could take it down and pack it up. The lens was cracked. I went to build my own but the work involved took too much time away from my family. I scrapped it until the kids are off and on their own. I have been without a telescope for 10 years! We have an astronomy park here and every Friday when it’s clear, they are supposed to pull out a 32 inch telescope for the public, but I’ve gone there 3 Fridays and no one came out to unlock it. So, mom and dad got me a cheap little refractor to ease my pain lol! I have been able to get this baby target many a wondrous sight. I love anything I can use to see the universe. Don’t look down on these “toy” telescopes, they could be the very thing that inspires you or young ones into a future of space and technology.


Kitty Beck says:

Can you look at things up in the sky with this, such as airplanes, clouds, possible UFOs? 🙂

phuck ewe says:

Make sure you tell your kids never to point it at the sun.
Or that cheap telescope will become very expensive.

Dipak Chauhan says:

Which model is this??

Pete Kellermann says:

I am an amateur astronomer with over 45 years experience observing and have taught astronomy for 20 years. I have one of these telescope and it is a wonderful little jewel. For a kids scope I highly recommend this scope or even us older kids. I have used this scope to view most of the Messier objects beside the planets and moon.

Pete Kellermann

Jorge Perez says:

I saw it around 5:00

Jorge Perez says:

My dad buy me a toys r us telescope and my dad said he well buy me a stronger teloscope

Micheal Caughey says:

I have a telescope I found and am trying to to learn about them. It has 700mm focal lense and 60mm objective lens. Do you think I would be able to see Jupiter similar to the way you can with yours? It’s too cloudy Tonight for me to check or I would!

Jorge Perez says:

I saw jupiter with my toys r us telescope and I could see 2 moons at jupiter

MrOtterdude says:

Hi Denali! If you ever decide to upgrade and don’t want to pay a small fortune, check eBay for a used Sears or Tasco, from the 60s to early 70s. They come with a wooden tripod and were made in Japan and fitted with fantastic glass! A 60mm will compare favorably with any modern refractor and give high definition views of the planets and moon. Great on double stars too! I’ve seen them for as little as $70 shipped.

Nano Lux says:

is it 30mm?


i m glad that you said its ok with cheap telescope. not like some other ameteur said, wich they can afford to buy more prices. make me confident, i made my self with a book loup lens and a gemstone lens. enough to see jupiter an its moons hanging in sky(cheer up my doughter last night). astronomy not just about telescope, but our interest to sky. well small cheap telescope is better than naked eyes.

Steve Gasparutti says:

Well said. Too much snobbery envolved with Telescopes. Thiae that can afford to spend big money always say dont buy the cheap ones. But beginners dont need to see distant nebulae. Just want to see the moon or the planets.

hemanta chettri says:

stupid video

Jorge Perez says:

At night

Sallent R says:

No offense, but for $90-$100 out could probably buy a decent starter 90mm Dobsonian or Maksutov telescope from Orion or Celestron with far better mount and eyepieces than your telescope there. Definitely worth the extra $50. Check for starter telescop s from them, and Meade might be another brand to look at for a decent cheap scope in the $100 range which will allow you to get excellent views of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn.

Jorge Perez says:

Am 11 years old and at June am going to middle school

Joel Wong says:

Any good cheap ones to recommend?

ThisIsPatrick says:

How much does it cost + where can i buy it please i need it fast !

southernexposure123 says:

I understand the time constraints of children and other necessities. The first telescope I made at home took a long time to figure out. If you can ever build just one the second one – with larger aperture – won’t take nearly as long and the 3rd one will go together in a snap. That’s because the “mystery” of getting the right tube length is all gone. I make mine using plumber’s PVC. Making the transitions from one size pipe to the next can be an interesting process, but I’m now starting to make my scopes with one size tube.
Good video.

Jorge Perez says:

When I first saw the moon with my teloscope I was shaking ☺

Semeon says:

What space are you talking about? There is nothing to see up there, we have never been there and we will never be there cause there is nothing up there. The earth is flat. You have been brainwashed – not to ve ashamed of. Research it FLAT EARTH.
Thank you for reading up to here.

Being Dengineer says:

People are not interested how your telescope looks. The main thing you forget to share, how your telescope work or what can you see or how far etc….

Richard Mitchell says:

Smoke detector needs a new battery.

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