Celestron Powerseeker Telescope 50 Review


Nikhil Vuppeay says:

i bought the same model, can u tell me how to spot planets?
is there any guide or steps to locate them?
can u help me . . .

Umesh Pradhan says:

i’m total noob 
just wanted to know if i will be able to see galaxies or not 
please no hate 

R tem says:

What music?

Big Master says:

Hi this is thumbs down number 63, the music is awful I couldn’t watch the whole clip

Netty Voyager says:

Take it off the stand and the bracket and strap it to a real scope and use it as a spotter that is all it is good for still useful

Trap 2870 says:

you fucking wanka cut the musoc wun u is speking 

DDG says:

Thanks for the review. Struggled a bit to hear what you were saying as your voice was competing with the music.

Jaysworld says:


TheAngelAbandoned says:

WTF were you thinking when you added this stupid music?

sakshi xyz says:

Can we see planets very clearly plzz and bczz I am going to buy it

Era Javukh says:

Horrible taste in music.

sanjay wakude facts says:

I also have that telescope

keeler1160 says:

How do yo take pictures of what you see through your telescope?

Nandish Ram says:

Great video but the music distracts me….

samir alameh says:

Can i use the 50 euro telescope for a land objects ? 

simonps1966 says:

Just paid £25 for mine, which i feel is a great price for a starter scope.

Great Review.

jim fortaleza says:

Don’t like your music choice, but to each his own. Celestron does not make a 2mm or 2.5mm .965 ” eyepiece. You probably have a 4mm, 12.5mm and 20mm -those are the normal eyepieces for this scope.

S Vishnu Prakash says:

excellent review sir!!

Sr. Raptor says:

Can i see planets like Saturn good, with high details or something like that?

Theslenderblox1 says:

Hey could you provide some pictures of some of the planets you saw through this telescope? I’m just getting in to telescope and space viewing and I’m looking for a good cheap telescope. If you can I would be very thankful!!!

L T says:

I can see that you made an effort to provide a decent review however you have spoiled it by leaving music on while you are providing the review. I struggled hearing you.

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