Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ Telescope Review, Pt.1

A review of Celestron’s Powerseeker 70AZ refractor telescope. As this is my first telescope review I apologize for seeming a bit amateurish. The Powerseeker 70AZ has a 70mm aperture and a 700mm focal length, yielding a focal ratio of f/10. The telescope comes with an image erecting diagonal, 20mm, 10mm, and 4 mm eyepieces, a 3X barlow and some astronomy software.


nick85able says:

Thanks helped out a lot got this for my daughter for a bday gift and the damn thing didn’t have a manual with it!!!

Warhorse500 says:

We purchased a Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ with red dot finder for our daughter last Christmas; tonight was the first time we were able to get it out and use it.

The red dot finder is absolutely useless.  We can see the red dot, but the azimuth/altitude knobs do nothing—the dot doesn’t move, just sits at the right edge of FOV.  Worst of all, even manually trying to line up the moon produces nothing.  At best, we were able to get a bright white blur in the viewfinder.  Tried all three lenses, nothing.  Tried removing the Barlow tube and inserting the lenses directly into the tube, nothing.

Celestron clearly makes crap telescopes.  Don’t even waste your money or your time.  We’re throwing ours in the garbage tomorrow.

David Micheletti says:

Is there a possibility to attach a 35mm DSLR camera on the back of this to take pictures of whatever I’m viewing? Looking for my first telescope that I can attach my Nikon D90 to for some astrophotography. Can you recommend anything to me that is moderately cheap?

Gerald says:

After a short while, everything that tightens up starts to strip, like the altitude adjuster.

Casandra Navarro says:

Hi, how do you change the battery on this model? Thanks

Cathy Martin says:

I can not see anything through it. Every once in a while I get something and then it is like there is something covering it. Help!

Mario E says:

+Cathy Martin +Ava Woods Could be the same problem i have in which when light hits the eyepiece on a dark night a wierd thing will prevent you from seeing anything. Turn all the lights around you off or at least make sure the shadow of one of your hands is cast over the eyepiece or something. 

jimmy steen says:

Thanks, helped alot

imanishay says:

whats the difference between a skywatcher mercury 707 and a skywatcher celestron astromaster 70 AZ which is better for a clearer view of the moon and so on

Usernamebreh says:

The Walmart version is made alittle cheaper.

Trip Tamine says:

what sort of telescope can one buy to be able to see Mars and zoom in to see the Mars Rover there? Or is this a stupid question? Sorry im quite new to this hobby, havent even got my first telescope yet, still researching

Ava Woods says:


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