Celestron Eclipsmart 50 Solar Telescope Review

Observe the sun safely during the 2017 eclipse with this new scope from Celestron. For the price, this scope is decent for observing large sunspots and to watch the progress of the moon as it covers the sun this August. 6/10 stars. Grab one if you’re new to solar observing.

ALWAYS view the sun with proper safety equipment! You can seriously injure yourself if you do not have proper filters.


The Courtney Project says:

Awesome video!!

Melvin Johnson says:

Very informative review. Thank you.

d Rodriguez says:

I’m concerned due to fact that my finder scope has the the same specs 50mm

Fury Designs says:

You can see the eclipse with the telescope?

caradepau06 says:

IT WORKS! I was able to see the partial eclipse (south east Michigan), starting about 1:03pm EST on 8-21-17.

Scope was pointing almost straight up, sun overhead. Clear skies too. I did not have the top extension of the tripod extended.
The scope will be much more stable that way, you will just have to hunch over more..get a chair and lower it, because that is very do able.

I centered sun shadow within bullseye finder, extended the focus tube to nearly full (still had some travel left though)
had the included 20mm eyepiece in it.

I saw the sun!! It was just off center, seen in lower left corner of my eyepiece. So just slight adjustments to center it.

I was able to see several sunspots too!

I do not know why I was not able to see the sun the day before but I suspect that I was close to it, but never “landed” on it.
And since the sun was about 10 degrees off of the horizon, the telescope would have more gravity weight it down, bending it towards the earth.

If the sun is directly overhead or near that, the scope seems to hold better in the pointing up position.-

I did notice today, even with the sun shadow within the bullseye, you may not be “landing” on the sun.
This happened when I attempted to adjust the scope using the knobs rather than just slightly moving the entire thing, tripod and all.
I lost the sun, panicked a bit because I could no longer find it, checked the bullseye, shadow there, no sun in eyepiece! Oh no!

I then placed the scope with the near same exact shadow I first had before (which was not exact center within the bullseye, it was off a bit), all was OK again..

You need to move the scope very slowly up, or down, or left, or right to see it.

I got very lucky when I aimed it today as it was in the lower left corner when I looked through the eyepiece.. I then moved the tri pod,
I did not loosen and attempt to adjust with the knobs on the tripod else it would be more difficult to aim then. Worked very easy that way.

Sun was large within the eyepiece. This scope using a white filter I guess.

With this scope, keep in mind you should leave yourself some time to hunt for the sun.
Don’t expect to just put it all together (scope on tripod), cast sun shadow
within bullseye and manically find the sun. It should be that easy, but it’s not.

You will find it though, just slow movements with tripod, and then check the bullseye. You do want to keep near that center if not dead on it.
If you move the scope to far off center, move it back until the shadow is near the bullseye, check eyepiece again until you get it.
My sun shadow to the bullseye was just a tad off center (like near upper right of the center was my sweet spot).

Eye relief was OK, but not great. Exit pupil the same. Each at about 2 or 3 mm it seems.
I wear glasses, I’m near sighted and 50 years old (eyes suffering with close vision now too). I could use my glasses with this telescope and it’s included 20mm eyepiece.
I also was able to focus it so I did not need to wear my glasses. That takes care of the short eye relief.

The exit pupil, well, you have to keep your eye centered to see the sun else you will suffer with clipping (which you will anyways but it’s not terrible as you will still
have a nice sized sun to view, sunspots too!

Not a very powerful scope so I do not think you will see any flares, I didn’t.

For $89.99 it was money well spent. I’m glad I got it.. I had no glasses, all sold out..

FYI, i also have a 3x barlow and 4mm eyepiece. Using any of those and barlow with my 20mm, I could not see anything.

Use the 20mm that comes with this scope, you will be OK.

caradepau06 says:

I too cannot see anything but black.. I had the sun’s shadow within the bulls eye, focus tube extended full (and slowly moving it shorter), nothing. This scope = PITA it seems.
I think that the exit pupil is only 2.5mm so you’d have to be close to that 20mm eye piece (I’ve read the eye relief is close to same).
I got mine at bestbuy 3 days ago, but most probably will return it within 10 or so days if I cannot ever see the sun with it. Wish I had clear skies these past few days, only a short window today to attempt too view the sun..

Do not omit that the sun finder bullseye could be “off” and thus if centering the sun’s shadow within will add to the frustration.

Wish I had heard (realized) the solar eclipse was Aug. 21 2017, else I would have acted much much sooner and just bought some solar binoculars (probably much easier to use??).

Eddie CJ says:

Good review, though i think i’d tear my hair out fiddling with that little thing lol

swray2112 says:

One thing that most reviews fail to mention… The diagonal is a .965 to 1.25″ (telescope focuser is .965″), making upgrades harder to find and a T-mount even rarer to find. I returned mine because of this.

Pierre Der says:

got scope but cant find anything with it. not even the sun. what am i doing wrong?

Jaclyn Parker says:

Cool video. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see one on a scope for the stars and moon

Malvina Carabas says:

The only uTube video on this telescope . Very good review and demonstration . Thank you !

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