Apochromatic and Achromatic refractor telescopes difference

watch in a short video the difference between the two telescopes. Apochromatic ED glass are very expensive, but they could give you clear images without color false color.. the blueish around the moon, which is typical in the achromatic ones.btw watch the bird and the “ufo” in the video.


francesco toni says:

Ignorant video

cervantesphantom says:

This video is pointless without giving the telescope specifications! I own a vintage 3in f/16.4 achromat that shows absolutely no violet haze on the lunar limb (CA=5.47). Talking about achromats without telling aperture and focal ratio, thus CA index, is absolutely nonsense and serves no purpose. Try a vintage Carton 60mm f/18 or f/20 achromat on the moon and compare to any apo… You get shocked!

SLAP Astronomy says:

Nice video and a good representation of what is observed through the EP. Scott

spacecase7717 says:

Nice job Richard! Was the one in the upper right corner @ 00:43 a bird? I’m pretty sure the other two were.

Opulent DNA says:

Hey buddy, you may not remember me, long time sub …

So I came across some info, regarding your old videos, of the entity, that looks like a spider, that creeps around your house.

Dude, this other guy has the Exact same entity, and he had big claims that its literally Lucifer!

His info makes a lot of sense

I copied it all for u a few weeks back, and I’m glad u popped up in my feed, cuz I remembered…

so, get back at me if your interested…I’ll give u what I copied for u.

also, I’m so interested in any more orb footage, or whatever happened to the entity.

I love your lunar footage, it’s incredible, but your entities is my favorite, would love to know if your still getting good captures.

I hope all is well in your world, gimme a shout;



if you wana keep it quiet like before.

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