8 inch refractor ISTAR telescope in Singapore



astrodotsg says:

For moon and planets, for the same amount of money spent, reflector design is better. 🙂 If money is not a problem and value-for-money disregarded, then yes, for the same aperture size, a refractor is better than a reflector in everything, not just moon and planets. 🙂

astrodotsg says:

@rockstar30able For lunar and planetary, the lights doesn’t matter so much. Ability to react quickly to sudden clear patches of sky is more important than wasting time lugging equipment to a hill and hope the sky still remain clear in Singapore. 🙂

Eire Ireland says:


Ricky Carva says:

Awesome refractor!!!!

Century25 says:

Cool!! The best choice for city viewing. And when anyone is observing the Moon, especially once it’s about 5 days old & beyond – try observing with a light on. THAT is the best way because your eye will be using it’s cone cells. Our eyes–the rods and the cones– have very different functions. Cone cells allow the perception of color & are also able to perceive finer detail and more rapid changes in images, So – looking at the Moon you can see MUCH more detail with a light on! Try it & enjoy!

bayouratt283 says:

Looks like the Barrett .50 of telescopes, Love it.

Niklo74 says:

You have nice refractors. I enjoyed watching them. It’s probably nice to watch planets through them. Do you have a planet or moon video?

Astana KZ says:

Yes, You are right! But why do we all love refractor? 🙂

astrodotsg says:

You can send the telescope manufacturer an email and check with them – info [at] istar-optical [dot] com .

JamesLing1000 says:

Now this 8″ ISTAR is equipped with the Chromacorr II, to give views of the moon and planets close to APO visual quality…… 

SeanKimStyle says:

go big or go home

danthemanzizle says:

most old people in north america cringe at the thought of lifting a grocery bag, or having to take three steps, the guy in this vid although not crazy old is lifting an 8 inch refractor above his head! rock on!

Gabriel Y. Soto Rivera says:

i would say that each telescope has its design, refractors for planetary are the perfect! and reflector for faint objects.

astrodotsg says:

@ZENICA95 It is an achromat. Not apo.

Astana KZ says:

For the planets and the moon there is nothing better than refractor : -), But its size and weight are very large. The telescope must be in the dome in one place!

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