What is the best kind of telescope? Watch this before you spend any of your hard-earned money!

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So you’ve done research into the hobby of astronomy and you’re ready to make the big purchase. What is the best kind of telescope, you might be wondering?

This video and others in my series only address astronomy and the equipment necessary for basic viewing, NOT astro photography, which is as much a science as it is an art. What is the best kind of telescope for the general observer? This short video will provide an answer, from an eight year veteran of the hobby!


El Okim says:

Where do you live my friend?can you get on top of high riser and point telescope to horizon and see whats out there?

Doc savage says:

one search does not convince me

kanopus06 says:

IMO a decent equatorial mount is a must. I’d rather spend a little more on the mount than on the tube. I got myself a Skywatcher 750/150mm reflector with an EQ5 mount, which allows me to upgrade to a GOTO motor+computer kit and be able to make some astrophotography later on without chaning the whole telescope.

ashwin cool says:

i am planning to buy zhumell z8,could you tell me which eyepiece i should go for.Does using planetary filters improve the viewing image.

Elliot Huh? says:

Ebay has many good scopes…

JESUS IS THE SAVIOR يسوع هو المنقذ says:


Andrew Habib says:

My first telescope was a 4″ refractor on an equatorial mount.

Dillon Mckelvey says:

It’s been some years since I’ve had a telescope because the movers destroyed it and I wanted to get back into this

So Devini 44 says:

what’s the difference between the sizes? 6,8,10?

Karam Khamis says:

Would you please recommend a “REFRACTOR” telescope that sees neptune?:)

Terry Brooks says:

Sorry but your eBay stance is ridiculous and unfounded
No name brand, yes probably best avoided, but those aren’t exclusive to eBay, they’re all over the internet
Used name brand on eBay, why not ?, after all Paypal provides excellent back up for items not as described as does eBay, far superior protection to other merchant services often used by other stores

Doc savage says:

I’ve been shopping on eBay and Amazon for 14 years and I can tell you that they always or at least 98% of the time you get prices local companies can’t touch! yes they sell used stuff. yes they sell bad stuff from individuals. but local companies are selling brand new unopened products. it’s not right that you are saying all this crap about ebay. you have to know what to shop for and what to look for and watch out for. so all in all it is a great place to shop. I bought a twin star 6″ deflector TELESCOPE and had it for 6 years now, it’s awesome I can see Jupiter Mars and intimate details on the moon. and galaxies. but if you really want to show off what a professional you are why don’t you compare your little toy TELESCOPE to the dish in Arecibo Puerto Rico. Now theirs something you can’t get on EBay. I don’t understand why your so prejudice against Ebay!!!???

Kawan Brownlee says:

what telescope would you recommend I’m looking for a telescope that allows me to see deep sky objects my current one is a national park a table top 76 mm made by celestron but it doesn’t perform like I want it to I’m currently looking for apateur in the 100 millimeters or higher

Let's go Technical says:

Can you provide me a good telescope for good price as I am looking for a good telescope

Dani Hana says:

are Dobsonians capable of astrophotography? if they are, is it a hassle? ive been at a cross road for a bit. ive done lots of reseach on getting the right scope for me. i been looking at the celestron nexstar 4se for a while all the while saving for it. but it seems to only to be good for lunar and planetary and for the price i really would like to be able to see more. i do plan on getting into astrophotography that is why i ask and have been also looking into the right camera for me for the future. i see dobsonians can look into planetary objects as well as deep space. could you give me some advice? i will take what you have to say seriously in my purchasing of my first official scope. thank you

Blizzard_gamer says:

I’m currently thinking about buying an astro photography telescope, do you think 500€ is enough? I want one that can capture some nice footage.

Flightguy69 says:

Great video and informative!

I would suggest that people buy the Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian. It is an amazing 8 inch with a focal length of 1200 mm with an f/5.9 which is superb for light gathering; especially on smaller deep space celestial objects.

Its comes with a 30mm and a 9mm eyepieces. The 2 inch 30mm eyepiece is amazing when viewing the moon or even nebula’s and star clusters. It even comes with a laser collimator which is an amazing add on to any scope and for 399.00 and free delivery it is excellent for not only price, accessories, build quality, clarity of space objects, planetary and deep space objects too!

For 399.00 it was shipped the same day and it arrived within 4 days to where I lived! If you live in California or West Coast, you will probably have it within a day or two! 🙂
I have owned a few telescopes in my lifetime but I can honestly sit here today and say this one is by far the best scope on the market in the 8 Inch Dobsonian type!


If you are looking for a Schmidt-Cassegrain 8-inch then I would recommend the Celestron NexStar 8SE. This model gives you your bang for your buck and no words to describe the quality this baby puts out! If this is in your price range, I say buy it. 🙂 It has a 2032mm focal length with a f/10 which is normal for this type of telescope. It only comes with a 25mm eyepiece but to be honest, you can buy an eyepiece kit with some decent eyepieces. If you search around, some companies will throw in a Celestron 2X barlow lens and a 9mm Eyepiece.


These two are honestly the two best scopes on the market today! You can even get the 6SE for 799 which is honestly just as great in comparison to the Zhumell Z8 as far as quality and things like that! 🙂 Rick said it best; Dobsonians are the cheapest way to go and they are light buckets which allow for some great views of the night skies!

Grady McCain says:

Where can i get the same one that is in this video?

MajesticEagle98 says:

Do you think the Meade Polaris 127mm Reflector telescope is good for beginners? I want to view the planets such as Jupiter, it’s moons and stripes as well as Saturn’s rings. I want to view Neptune, Uranus and the moons craters also, maybe some nebulae and star clusters as well. What do you think? (I’m a complete amateur by the way, never owned a telescope and really want to get into astronomy)

Andrew Habib says:

My skies are fairly light polluted (suburban) So would you recommend the Orion intelliscope? how hard is it to find objects without goto? also what finder do you recommend for light pollution?

3RDPARTY says:

Dude thnx for the advice man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan C says:

Nice video mate!

Vanmathi I says:

what eyepiece can I use for planetary viewing 15mm or 6mm

Cheeky Monkees says:

Excellent advice for those with low $.
For those with more cash I would recommend a “go to” scope. This gives the owner the ability to input the object of interest into the onboard computer and have the telescope onboard computer and drive system align itself for viewing. In addition, it’s possible to select a “tour” of objects which results in a wonderful show of hard to find celestial bodies with ease. The computer drive isn’t impossible to set up if you follow the instructions closely.

As for the telescope I suggest, as you do, a reflector of the largest aperture possible. If size is an issue and money isn’t I’d buy an optical design called Schmidt-Cassegrain. But only a Celestron or Orion. Meade has had quality issues lately.

Subhankar Roy says:

Hi..What telescope would you recommend to me .to see stars,planets,solar system….I’m a beginner suggest me a telescope between 180-130 us dollars… as good as possible…..

Marco P. says:

Is the the xt6 or xt8? And which should i get?

Rick Wallace says:

What brand and model Dob is that? Where did you buy it? Thanks!

TigerShark says:

did you buy this used?. i see used ones for about $300, but new ones for about $500

Constance St Clare says:

I bought a telescope, but I was disspointed to see the moon was orangey. imagine my shock when I realised I’d been looking at a street lamp 30 miles away

Through the Telescope! says:

Im a slim build, strong ( not Herculean strong lol) I am really REALLY wanting to go for the 10/1200mm skywatcher because I get more light gathering ability. Its not very far to get the telescope from my room to the back garden.
Though, im starting to worry a bit now because I know the tube will be larger in width, and I want to be able to transport it (pick it up) with somewhat ease.

The 8 looks tempting, but I like to get deeper space views as well.

My current reflector is a 4.5/900mm, Its maximum mag is 138x and I cannot see much with it and the planets are quite small, ( I’v had it for years) so, I’d love an awesome upgrade now.

I just love the solid tube design.

Andrew Habib says:

What about going to a 10″ or 12″ dobsonian?

Curtis Reynolds says:

I have the Orion XT8 Dob. GREAT telescope. The Dobsonian mount/base is great. But I’ve graduated to a heavy EQ mount…which is nice, but I have to admit, a newtonian, having a side focuser, does have its challenges depending on the position of the object being viewed. But a great light gatherer, the 8″ reflector.

Cameron Kersey says:

I would like to get into astronomy but I’m not sure if I would like it so I want a cheap telescope but would still like good quality. What would you recommend?

KalebGames says:

Astromaster 90 EQ or the Meade 102 mm telescope?

Grady McCain says:

Is there an attachment that will allow you to attach a smart phone to the scope for this model?

Rahul Yadav says:

what is model name of that telescope?Im thinking of buying skywatcher flexitube 130p heritage?Is the telescope you are using in this vedio is better than that?I just want to see moon and other planets jupiter Saturn clearly and also can you tell me with that skywatcher flexitube 130p can I see moon jupiter. Saturn and its rings clearly?

Karam Khamis says:

Is meade a good telescope company?

Dead Meme says:

Well…. I got my 900/76 Reflector on eBay. Sure the finder scope isn’t the best and the whole thing is a bit wobbly but I was able to see Saturn with rings, the “clouds” on Jupiter(with moons!) very little detail of Mars, Moon, even m42… I seriously didn’t think it was able for M42 but what I saw satisfied me Completely. Most of the Time I used a 20mm Eyepiece, a 12,5mm Eyepiece, and a 2x Barlow. Link to the Telescope: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Seben-900-76-Reflektor-Teleskop-Neu-Big-Pack-/200438450320 Language may be in German

I Subscribed 🙂 and I am getting a 8″ Skywatcher 200/1200 Dobsonian next year. Can I do some Astrophotography with it?

HajkK says:

Just a question, why not bigger then 8″? I’m getting a xt10g soon and was wondering why

TruthVirus says:

What do you think the starts and planets are made of?

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