Viewing Planets – 4″ 5″ 8″ Telescope Saturn’s Rings & Our Moon


SailorRob1473 says:

Thanks for the advice. I’m a returning astronomer, had a 3 inch refractor 25 years ago, but had 20 years of living in London (Mega light-pollution) and apartment living. Now back out in the country and think a 5 inch go-to will suit me fine!

Terrence Andrews says:

Awesome man. Thanks!

jack002tuber says:

Very good to know. I don’t have one yet but plan on getting a 5″ reflector.

Celestial says:

Where Can You Find A Telescope That Can See Planets?

daniel kinney says:

thats awesome

David Rice says:

Perfect music!  I’m about to embark in astronomy with an Orion 8” on an EQ mount.  I’ll be upgrading the 2” Crayford to a dual speed, low profile focuser and I’m concerned about “prime focus” issues.  How does one deal with those?

M Wasim pervez Jaan says:

How to know if its saturn or mercury or where to look at sky?

Christian Benoit says:

Nice video, I like the music too. Love those comparison of the different scopes. Looks legit not like those super HD itech Nasa videos that discourage you to buy smaller scope. Myself I have bought a 90$ scope (and still have it) and at first I was disapointed that i couldn’t see some DSO. With time I understood; now with my DOb 12 inch it is a little better. People like you are awesome. To take the time and effort to do those videos is very educational. 🙂

Cell Micro says:

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javon nelson says:

no alien bases?

John Batchler says:

one more thing to see pluto u need a 10 in or larger to see a tiny speck of light

John Batchler says:

I did one night with an 80mm scope it looks like a small cigar but it took me hrs to find it cause everything was done manually

Xsauce says:

Dobs are the best for aperture and money. They are just a few planets and the moon. Unlike the deep sky these are thousands of objects. Deepsky is the more rewarding than solar system objects. Dobs are also great for all the solar system objectsas well . I have a 8″ Dob

Shipwright1918 says:

Really you don’t need much, a 4.5 or a 5 inch and a good set of eyepieces will give you plenty to see, planets, the moon, and the brighter galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, the so-called Messier objects.

I got the opportunity to borrow a little 4.5 Orion Starblast with a zoom eyepiece on it through my local library, and I had a great time with it, so much so that it inspired me to go get a telescope of my own.

I opted for a 6 inch Dobsonian XT6 from Orion, mainly because of the bigger aperture and the simplicity of the mounting. Goto would be nice, but I like the idea of exploring the sky on my own the old-fashioned way, just some star charts, a clock, a red lantern, and the heavens.

Richard44W says:

Can see M31 naked eye, looks good even in a 4″ scope

Alexis Coulombe says:

Halp! i have a 130mm (5”) diameter Newtonian reflector with 650mm focal length (f/5). I have collimated my telescope already but when i’m looking on mars (not a star i’m sure), all i see is a white dot. Even if i use my 6mm with a 2x barlow, mars still looks like a white dot but with a liiittle bit of a gray shade like the moon. Of course i focused my eyepiece before. Why can’t i see mars better than that ?

Jake wear says:

Hey,Thanks. Good perspective.

daniel kinney says:

Could you recommend a beginners telescope maybe around $1000 to $1500 that is good enough to view all the stuff up their in the sky. really wanting to buy my first one and don’t want to waste my time or money, Thanks I enjoyed this video.

Dark Storm Astronomy says: Video I made of the moon showing crater and moon with filters. I am going to be taking footage/photos of jupiter and saturn and more in the near future. I plan to do a lot more videos. Please subscribe if you are interested. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks guys. Take care. 🙂

Bandit Darville says:

I’ve came from an ETX-70 all the way up to a 14″ Dobson and am now sticking to my F/15 Mizar and F/10 triplet Skywatcher. (very rare) They’re awesome together and are not nearly as much of a hassle as a 14″ dobson. The 8″ dobson imo is the sweetspot when it comes to aperture/price/usability but i find myself mostly gazing at the planets and moon so this setup is just perfect for that.

charlie wing says:

thank you great video really helped me make the right choice. thanks again. all the best

Liam Walker says:

i really wanna know National Geographic Automatic Telescope 70 /350 see what it looks like

S Lorro says:

We know absolutely nothing about our telescope but ours is a massive one. We are trying to find the supermoon tonight, we can see it from outside but we can’t even see anything through the telescope at all can you help?

kevin Rankin says:

Thanks for the ifo, much appreciated

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