Unboxing: OneSky 130 – Best Inexpensive Telescope 4K Video

SPACE.com’s Dave Brody sets-up this amazing tabletop Dobsonian. Nearly half your purchase price ($200) goes to support science education around the world (through the non-profit Astronomers Without Borders). Read Dave’s full review: http://www.space.com/31231-best-inexpensive-telescopes.html

One People – One Sky!

Buy the OneSky 130 and support Astronomers Without Borders here:

Video by @DavidSkyBrody & Jeremy Lips
Tanzania footage by Kai Staats


Victor Pelufaz says:

Nice, just when I said that I want a telescope

Augustus says:

I find it awesome that this low-priced of a telescope comes with a collimating eyepiece. I really don’t get why any Dob or Newt is sold without one!

Sol.a.r says:

What’s it’s focal length?

Elitedevil says:

If I only had money…

starseedau78 says:

Absolutely stunning little telescope!

RedPillorBluePill says:

UPS finally dropped mine off today. too bad it’s going to rain tonight.

AlexanderTheGreat says:

nice unboxing tip

Omar Khan says:


PotatoMaster says:

OneSky 130 looks better than Heritage 130p

James Murphy says:

this is the best unboxing video ever made.

Matthew Adams says:

wait, in the back round you have one already set up

Aleksandr Trex says:

I don’t really wanna look at the sky. I just wanna look at a city that’s 24miles away, do does this let me look horizontally?

Ivan Stroganov says:

any chance to get this here in europe?

Unpopular Popular Opinion says:

Fully assembled telescope in the background. He acts like he doesn’t know a screw driver is needed. 😀 I’m ordering one for my daughter. Nice video. Can you post images of what can be seen with this?

Kasper Gulbrandsen says:

4k but 144p… noice…

Alexander Zapata says:

“The Lights in the Sky Are Stars”

Mr. Beantastic says:

only 200 for that? wwoooooaahhhh

S E N N Y 1 3 3 7 says:

Awesome Unboxing!

Anondlynn says:

Sounds nice…but where do you find one?

jrad044 says:

This is more than enough to get outside and start enjoying the hobby with. Some of the greatest discoveries ever made and most of our current understanding of the sky was made with far less capable telescopes than this. You don’t need some multi-thousand dollar computerized scope to enjoy astronomy.

zarlodious1 says:

I used my Celestron 127eq to prove flat earth.

jack002tuber says:

Can I mount a DSLR on this?

04av6 says:

what can we view with this telescope?

Edmund Wootton says:

Great unboxing and good descriptive review of this telescope. Thanks.

Dan Frederiksen says:

I’m surprised the heavy looking mount is the cheapest design. I would have thought some thin alu extrusions or such. At 200$ it’s a pretty good price but a telescope is really entirely useless without motors and a sensor. Direct viewing is so painfully awkward and limited, particularly with a newtonian. It is mindless stagnation that prevents the scope makers from doing the obvious electrification of scopes and dispense with the crude direct viewing. A good electric form is incomparably more useful because you can have a computer watch the sky all the time and for live viewing it’s so much better to calmly look at a nice big computer display instead of through a cramped inherently flawed eye piece. A computer can also do ‘stacking’ so the viewing is even further superior. You can also do UV and IR viewing.
Even for third world countries, you have your sub 100$ computers now.

geometricpatterns6 says:

Seeing the children so focused on what is being taught is such a joy to me.
Man oh man I wish inner city kids were this interested in learning about telescopes and the cosmos. We’d be turning out Neil Degrass Tysons all over the place!

EverythingYouAlreadyKnow says:

This guy got a GOOD ASS camera

MoonPie says:

this guy is a nerd

Andee Sherwood says:

Can you make a solar filter to fit the OneSky?

Antonio Navarro says:

Fast and ensambled it . Thanks.

Clax says:

We’re you an astronaut? For some reason, all North American Astronaut’s have a specific accent. I dont know why, but you have it as well. Might just be Mid-Western.

Dan Frederiksen says:

Of course telling the truth about UFOs makes it all quite irrelevant.
When you can do spacetime distortions you can do rather funky telescopes.

corisco tupi says:

2:03 Ooops – There go the eyepieces.

Kéifus Mathews says:

David that was a great presentation and the view on the video, awesome sauce, very enjoyable, thanks

Jennifer Adamek says:

Awesome Commentary.. very well organized .. And a very good telescope..

rccrashburn says:

How long does it typically take to collimate?

hauntedhouse says:


dr techtek says:

can one mount a camera on it?

Anthony Rodemus says:

8:20 I certainly have not led a sheltered existence, but in all my 53 years, I’m sure this is the first time I’ve heard the word “equilibrate” used in anger. 🙂

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