The Sky-Watcher Astrolux 76mm Telescope (A buyer’s guide)

The Sky-Watcher Astrolux 76mm Telescope

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Presented by Robert J Dalby

Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with A.R.B Media Productions.


BladeRunner1669 says:

Very helpful, thank you very much !

mrrobbiezed says:

BRILLIANT ! Thankyou for explaining the basics as I’m new to this and need all the help I can get. . . . .MORE PLEASE.

look here says:

Got one of these off ebay last week brand new 50 boys!

Wadie Dridi says:

hey sir , please what do you think about the Télescope Skywatcher N 130/900 Explorer EQ-2 ?

JimG says:

Thanks for posting.

James Duffy says:

Does this telescope come with the x2 barlow?

tijmen131 says:

thank you for uploading this video, It helpt me a lot!

J. Go. says:

So this is only available in the UK then?

Thomas Lambert says:

Hi, is it possible to change the optical finder scope on this to a red dot finder scope?

Alan Murray says:

Lower mils more magnification ?

JimG says:

Thanks for posting. I have a Sky-Watcher D=114 mm it says F = 1000. It is much shorter than yours though but much wider. I was using the Barlow 2X and Wide 25mm lens with it but when I look at saturn it is very small and I can just barely see the rings. Am I doing something wrong? Also I just started this hobby less than a week ago so this is my very first Telescope which I picked up for a measly $60.

Cro brazil says:

Hey!I have one question.I recently bought 76mm newtonian reflector and picture that i see is turned upside down!Is this normal?I need answers because im beginner and i enjoy watching the stars!Thanks for answers and sry for disturbing!

Colin MacLaughlanWeir says:

Yes a shop is getting this type in and this is what I needed to know I so have to get one now

Fookat TV says:

thanks a lot fot the great review……..information will help a lot.

CiKgU MiE says:

which one is better this or Celestron Astromaster 76EQ.

greenskynz says:

hi i see that in the background you also have SKY-WATCHER HERITAGE 130mm DOBSONIAN telescope. if i am not wrong both are entry reflecting telescopes i heard general opinion that Dobsonians are good for beginners,easy to use. In nz sky-watcher 76mm is $150 cheaper. not doubt the Dobsonian is 130mm and will give greater magnification. but 76mm seems to be more versatile. basically i am wondering which one would you recommend, what would be key differences. thanks Paul

Astronomy and Nature TV says:

Hi. Loss of resolution at the eyepiece has many causes. The only ‘detail’ that the Astrolux will show on the rings, in ideal seeing conditions is, as I point out in the vid, Cassini’s division, which is about 2800 miles wide. And whilst Cassini’s division will never be a pushover in a sub 80mm scope, with Saturn at opposition, the rings open, and 140x it should be enough to glimpse the gap ,at least where we can see its full width at the ansae points (ie ring points furthest from disk) KR RJD

Kane856 says:

How would the Astrolux compare with the Heritage 130p and Heritage 76 ‘scopes using Jupiter as a target?

Astronomy and Nature TV says:

@akusanggap Hi and thanks for posting. Well we don’t actually sell the Celestron model you refer to but I’d have to say that as the Celestron benefits significantly from an EQ mount that makes it easier to use and much more effective in operation and therefore ‘better’ but bear in mind it is more money – as you’d expect I think. KR A&NC

Craig Wheeler says:

Thanks for the video mate, I have just bought a telescope for my young son, Simple intro clips like this make it so much easier…

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